25 March 2011

Beautiful Japan

Dear all, really sorry for the lack of updates!

Main reason was because everytime i am writing a new post, my laptop will shut down on me!

Anyway, I was travelling a lot for the last quarter of 2010! Every trip was amazing and left me sweet memories.

Unfortunately, Japan experienced terrible 9.0 magnitude earthquake on 11th March 2011. The damages done to Japan was huge and lost of countless lives really shocked the whole world.

That’s why I thought I shall share with everyone the pictures from my trip to Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo during Dec 2010.

Lets hope that Japan will recover from this natural disaster soon! GAMBATTE!


landmark of Osaka, the running Man of Glico


reflection of autumn in the mirror of a building, Osaka


Amazing autumn foliage at Hanatour (light up) event in Kyoto


historical shrine in Kyoto


三十三间道shrine , Kyoto


Kiyomuzudera Temple, Kyoto


Spotted a true Geisha walking on the street of Kyoto


breath taking autumn foliage in Ryoanji shrine, Kyoto


Kinkakuji temple, Kyoto

In a way, I am grateful that I am able to explore Japan before the major earthquake happened!

I wish all the problems in Japan will be resolved soon and the world will still have a chance to experience beautiful Japan!

04 October 2010

US West Coast Trip 2010: Yosemite National Park

4 hours drive from San Francisco city center, Yosemite National Park is a World Heritage Site.  

Excerpts from Wikipedia:

“Yosemite is internationally recognized for its spectacular granite cliffs, waterfalls, clear streams, Giant Sequoia groves, and biological diversity

We took a tour from San Francisco, costs USD$130 per pax (excluding tips). Expensive right?! What to do, its quite far and its certainly dangerous for us to drive all the way up to the mountain.

US Trip June 2010 123

The sky was really BLUE that day, I love the formation of clouds…Amazing!

US Trip June 2010 144

After the long drive, we were almost there!

US Trip June 2010 154

Check out the waterfall from afar! picture perfect with the burst of cloud at the top right corner of the picture!

US Trip June 2010 160

Upon arrival, we were left to explore the park on our own!

US Trip June 2010 177

We were in a forest! So rare for me to go into a forest!

US Trip June 2010 183

Our next destination was to get to the bottom of IT! the waterfall of course!

US Trip June 2010 184

Some introduction before reaching the waterfall


There we were! This picture was taken using my old camera as I cannot risk my DSLR! The water from the waterfall kept splashing towards us!


We thought that it was cold in the woods, turned out that it was HOT that day! wrong guess on our part

US Trip June 2010 207

Yosemite is also home to some cute animals !IF you look very carefully in this picture, you will be able to spot a deer! Tell me if you can spot it!

US Trip June 2010 244

attempted artistic shot using my Canon, can you tell the effects on the water?

US Trip June 2010 225

we had to walk 30mins to get to this beautiful lake

US Trip June 2010 229

so picturesque

 US Trip June 2010 235

I enjoyed our day in Yosemite National Park very much even though I am not too much of an outdoor person! If you have extra time in San Francisco, I would recommend you going for this excursion!

12 September 2010

The beauty of Telaga Warna Lake, Yogyakarta , Indonesia

These pictures were taken in November last year when I went to Yogyakarta. The scenery here is so amazing. We booked a driver to go up to this Lake, it is about 2.5 hours away drive from the town center.

Pictures say a thousand words………These were taken before I’ve gotten my DSLR.





So peaceful and calming…..all the troubles and sorrows will be gone, taking all these in…

03 September 2010

US West Coast Trip 2010: Golden Gate Bridge~

This is the most well known landmark of San Francisco.

According to Wikipedia:

“It connects the city of San Francisco on the northern tip of the San Francisco Peninsula to Marin County.”

Of course we couldn’t miss this!

We chose Crissy Field for our 1st photo stop!


Deng Deng….It was a sunny day but the wind was so strong!


amazing blue sky! too bad I don’t have a wide angle lens, this is as wide as my 18-55mm goes…


the scenery just looks so unreal


A dog walker having fun with the doggies, priceless moment


Told you it was windy!


Group photo No.1


Group Photo No.2


Bro did a jump! but he blocked part of the Bridge haha

We can’t get enough of the Bridge and we proceeded to drive to a spot nearer to it, Vista Point!


much nearer now!


this is a really good spot to take picture!


Where we were at!


You can also have the perfect sea view!


J and I

Later on we also drove past the bridge!


The Golden Gate Bridge is really breathtakingly beautiful!!! I absolutely adore it!

After writing this post and seeing those pictures again, I am missing San Francisco again, hope to go there again soon!

Have an amazing weekend peeps!!!

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25 August 2010

US West Coast Trip 2010: Lombard Street, San Francisco

Lombard Street is the crookedest street ever in San Francisco. This street is a MUST visit for all tourists.

According to Wikipedia, it is famous for having a steep, one-block section that consists of tighthairpin turns.

US Trip June 2010 950

see? so many tourists! so hard to take a picture without anyone in it!


this time less tourists, but one pretty girl in my photo!

US Trip June 2010 957

Friendly tourists waving to me while I took this photo

US Trip June 2010 964

spotted these cute rides!

US Trip June 2010 966

The houses on Lombard Street are beautiful…



fantastic view of the city from Lombard Street

US Trip June 2010 955 US Trip June 2010 956

love the summer flowers too!


Mom loves it!


acting cool in process!


Group photo!

Coming up next: The most important landmark in San Francisco, the San Francisco Bridge!!!

Weekend soon, have fun and remember to visit again!