30 July 2006

Changing Your Life

Today this topic came up during me and my mommy's little dialogue. I am sure almost everyone would like to change a little something about their current life, including me. I am always thinking, what if i haven't choose to do law?what if i have studied in another university? what if i never get to know some of my friends? A thousand what if.....My mommy says that no matter how late, we will still have time to change our life if we are determined to do so!

However, of course deep down inside of me know very well that everything in our life happened for a reason. There must be something in me that i chose to do law, yes i hate seeing injustice things happening right in front of me! I like to complaint about things that are not meant to be that way..The university that i went to? I couldn't complaint about it actually, when i went in, the ranking was 3rd in the country, right behind Oxford and Cambridge! My friends? They all bring something different into my life, every single one of them thought me something new and they are part of who am i today!

Having said that, we should always look forward to improve our life, explore it and live the moment...I always liked photography but haven't taken any action to develop my interest further! Actually why do i like photography? That's because i love travelling! I enjoy capturing the moment through camera. In this way, memories can be kept and never be forgotten.

Okay, thats it! I shall go ask around, see anyone knows of any good photography classes around KL.Wait for my update!
Let you guys preview my skills first haha...

16 July 2006

Welcome to ME and My Little Universe ~!!!

i see this blog as a way of me communicating to the world and most importantly my inner self in order for me to let my emotions out from the cage of my little heart.

I will share with you guys the experience, the thoughts, the ups and the downs of my life.

I hope that those reading my blogs will be able to contribute to this blog and let us learn from one and other the way to live our life in a more meaningful way!