27 April 2007

To me, Life is about....

nice sunset and relaxing at a cafe with your love ones!

My Sexy Name?

Went to my friend Bee Wei's blog (www.beewei.blogspot.com) justnow and she quoted this interesting website, thought i shall share with you guys! *am sure Bee Wei won't mind right?!*

Seductress Hungering for Erotic, Rapturous, Yummy Loving

Get Your Sexy Name

Anyway, i just finished packing for my trip to Penang!!!
Woohoo....lots of yummy food awaits me~~~See? There is a YUMMY in my sexy name..what a COINCIDENCE!!!

Have a NICEEE Break everyone.. i know we all damn DESERVE it...!!!

22 April 2007

Random Post

PENANG next weekend!!!

HOORAY...finally my long awaited break is coming! I am going to EAT EAT EAT....
i am so looking forward to it~~~
What are you guys planning to do for this long break?
Give me a buzz if you are going to be in Penang k.....CIAO.......

14 April 2007

Here we meet here we say goodbye

This Monday will be HY's last day with SLB...When i first heard about her resigning, i was so shocked..because i think we are quite close in SLB but she didn't tell me about it. Actually,come to think about it, it is very normal fact of life. People come people go..
Times flies, still remember those times when i first joined SLB and we went out for lunch on my first day at work. It didn't take long for both of us to be close to each other. We are always laughing away, you are such a good friend that always listen to me and share with me everything that happen in my life. I appreciate it very much deep inside my heart.

HY, i am going to miss you so much! *hugz* All the best to you..even though our time together was short, i am glad that we met in SLB! Please try to stay in touch and most importantly, meet up with us as often as you can!!!

09 April 2007

The Amazing Race All St@rs

They were here!!! Here in Malaysia! How cool is that...

Just watch the episode today, they were in Hartamas selling suratkhabar lama..haha..why this task i am thinking? Is selling old newspaper a tradition in Malaysia or something?! Luckily they were also painting Batik..at least something significant of our culture hehe..Also they were eating Kuih..how funny is that?

Haha..wish i bumped into them...i will sure help them out ke ke..Love this show!

Sharla n Mirna eating kuihs!

Oswald and Danny painting Batik!

05 April 2007

All kinds of people in this world

I am so MAD....
today this stupid clerk from this stupid law firm in Klang slam the phone on me!!!
O M G...how can people be so rude...especially we are all in the same industry! I guess not same profession as he is only a C. L. E. R. K!
Come on..what i did was just to request from him politely a formal reply from his firm stating that they would like us to fair the agreement..and out of sudden he became aggressive and said :" If you want me to give me a reply, don't ever call me and talk to me on my phone again!"
WHAT THE F**K...opps sorry about my language :p
One of my colleague told me this, " you should tell him to get a law degree first before he even speak to you!" hahaha..damn funny...she is so right.. in the first place i don't think he is qualified to TALK TO ME lor..
Not to look down on clerks, our clerks are very helpful, but simply because you have twenty years more experienced than us junior lawyer does not give you the right to be so RUDE and to the point that slam down phone on people !!!
I SWEAR that i am not going to speak to him on the phone again! FINE everything shall be in BLACK and WHITE then...don't speak to me in the phone and ask me to fair the agreement for you! What do i get from doing your job for you???
ok ok cool down cool down..the moment i think of this i still get so mad! Really cannot expect what kind of people you will meet in everyday life!