21 March 2007

Wan Chin and Chee Fong's Registration Ceremony 18-03-07

Went back to batu pahat over the weekend and attended Wan Chin and Chee Fong's registration ceremony. FINALLY, after 8.5 years of relationship, they tied the knot!!! We were all so excited and happy for them..afterall, Wan Chin is one of the first among our ji mui's to get married!!!

I hereby represent all our ji mui's in wishing the couple a lifelong relationship, to be forever in love and to have little Wan Chin or Chee Fong soon so that we can all become god moms!!!keke...

05 March 2007

Audrey's CNY Open House

Thanks Audrey for having all of us at her house party on last Saturday! Her house is really nice..sort of like a resort to me, away from the City, peaceful and quiet!

The food was really yummy! Sorry i forgot to take pics of the food because the minute i arrived there i started eating!!! ;P

We have Yee Sang !...May everyone have a prosperous year ahead!

Audrey preparing the Yee Sang..

LO Ahhhh...!

Ready to EATTTT....!

03 March 2007


Went to watch Dreamgirls justnow...it was really nice...i especially love those songs...and i think that Beyonce is so HOT....~
Make sure you guys catch it...but if you are not that kind of person who would enjoy watching musical, better not watch it, you might just leave half way of the show keke...cos trust me, more than half of the show they are SINGING!
definitely going to download the soundtrack!
As for now..time to sleep ZZZ...