31 July 2010

US West Coast Trip 2010- Best Brunch in the World!

This place is a MUST GO in San Francisco because it serves the best breakfast/bunch in the world!


This is the queue on  a weekday at 11am



As you can see, the seating for the cafe is rather limited, hence the wait! After waiting for 1 hour, we were next!



introducing the checks and strips gang!


The staff preparing Monte Cristo, best seller of the cafe!


some pastries at the counter


another cute menu for the pastries!


berries smoothie


My mixed berries buttermilk pancake! Oh my, I can fly over to SF just to EAT THIS! The pancakes were well toasted, the syrup is not overly sweet, and the berries were super duper fresh! A combination of all these  = best pancakes I’ve ever had!


Me with my food!


Eggs Florentine


Scramble Eggs with spinach & garlic bread


Eggs Benedict


Eggs benedict with shrimps & avocado

I had a bite of all of the above and all of them tasted GREAT!


Brother with his Monte Cristo, which were really yummy! No wonder it is the best sellers!


baby sis with her egg florentine


Mommy with her egg benedict

I really regretted for not going there again on the day I left San Francisco! Now I really need to find one place that serves nice brunch in Singapore and in the same price range, any idea guys? Mama’s dishes costs around USD10-13 (excluding tipping), which is very reasonable considering the huge portion!


(on Washington Square)
1701 Stockton St. (at Filbert)
San Francisco, CA 94133
(415) 362-6421


Open daily 8am - 3pm
Closed Mondays

I am going to dream of my pancake later….!


Have a nice Sunday guys!

17 July 2010

Shanghai Expo Trip- Food Galore!

Restaurants that I visited during my Expo Trip..Enjoy the food porn!


1.俏江南, a famous restaurant in Shanghai

Appetizers: fungus, sweet pork ribs, cucumber with mushrooms


assorted mushrooms


chicken soup in creamy texture, I like this!


2. Jesse Restaurant, reservation months in advanced is a must! This restaurant is frequently visited by celebrities.


cold chicken


bamboo-shaped dried tofu strips with mushrooms and cilantro


glutinous rice wrapped in red dates


jellyfish 海蜇


sweet little shrimps


famous braised pork rib, this is real good!


em..forgot what is this already, probably fish meat wrap with beancurd skin


cod fish wrapped in grass- pre order only


Vegetable Rice


Seafood soup, Yum


3. Lou Wai Lou 楼外楼

IMG_0946 IMG_0947

Beggars chicken


Nicely decorated VIP room

Actually I think this place is overhyped, the food is not as good as Jesse’s restaurant.

So, do you feel full yet? or you feel hungry now?

16 July 2010

USA West Coast Trip June 2010 - Tomales Bay

Hi everyone! As mentioned in my previous post, I was touring the West Coast of United States for two weeks!

My itinerary : San Francisco-Vegas-Los Angeles- San Francisco. Today Im going to share with you one of my favourite place throughout the whole journey, Tomales Bay, where I took the photograph I use for my new header!

Tomales Bay is a 1.5 hours drive from San Francisco itself, 2 hours if you get lost haha ( get a GPS)!

Some info about Tomales Bay:-
"Tomales Bay is a long narrow inlet of the Pacific Ocean in Marin County in northern California in the United States. It is approximately 15 miles (25 km) long and averages nearly 1.0 miles (1.6 km) wide, effectively separating the Point Reyes Peninsula from the mainland of Marin County."

Satellite view of Tomales Bay:- SEE

There we go! Embark on our journey to Tomales Bay by going through the famous Golden Gate Bridge(more pictures of the bridge to come at next post) It was a foggy day!

See? The bridge is half missing!

However, after passing by the bridge, we have a fantastic view ahead us!

Blue sky again! YAY!

We continued driving and fast enough we were nearing to Tomales Bay. Stopped over to take some pictures because we couldn't resist!


portrait looks so much better with such amazing background

Anyway, one of the main reason I chose to visit Tomales Bay is because of OYSTERS! We are going to have fresh oysters at Hog Island Oysters Farm.

Too bad by the time we got there, the bigger oysters were all sold out! We were left with the small ones. :(

friendly staff there, there is where you ordered the oysters you want, self service!

Our picnic area, cool right! You can bring your own food as they only sell oysters, they also provide you with BBQ pit if you want to bbq your oysters with cheese or anything else!

Picnic with such a view, life's good like this!

There is also another fun part to this, which is opening your own oysters!

it was my first time opening an oysters, and It was actually kinda easy

We ordered one dozen of small oysters and one dozen of mini oysters. The oysters were REALLY fresh with the right amount of cream inside! Its suitable for everyone as some people really dislike creamy oysters.

posing with the oysters

This is really a great place to come with your friends and family. Two of us seems lonely there as most of the people there are in a group and they can prepare much more food than us!

Before we leave the place, we took more pictures. I really love this place as I felt completely relaxed and clam when I was there, not forgetting that it serves oysters, of course!

byebye Tomales Bay! I will remember your beautiful face...

After leaving the beautiful Tomales Bay, we proceeded to Inverness (another beautiful place!), which is only 1/2 hour drive away....