29 January 2010

Fell in Love with Taiwan – Last Part!

As requested by Dune, I am going to sum up my Taiwan trip last year with today’s post.

After visiting Alishan (see HERE),  the rest took the train back to Taipei where Tania and I went to Tainan for a quick visit!

Not many photos but here you go! I was feeling real exhausted and the weather in Tainan was a killer! Bear in mind it was Summer when I went over last year!


We had 铁路便当 (Railway Bento) in the high speed train! It tasted sooooo good I tell u!


Then we visited Chikan Tower, one of the tourist spot in city centre


Built in 1653, during the Dutch colonial rule, Chikan Tower was initially called Provintia which meant eternity in Dutch. However, the tower was renamed by the Han Chinese as 'the tower of savages' or 'tower of the red haired Barbarians'. The Chinese called it in different names such as Chikan Tower, Fantselou and Honmaulou.


We then walked around the city centre. I was amazed at the amount of food shop there, especially shop selling prawn rolls! Prawn rolls are definitely a popular souvenir in Tainan!


It was quite crowded the other day as well.


tried some street snacks!After trying some snacks, we took the train back to Taipei!

The next day, I met up with Anita, my ex flatmate in Manchester.


Anita and I in front of Sogo, take care babe!


Tasty Taro dessert near Tania’s house!


refreshing taste but very filling!

On my last night in Taipei, we went to a local restaurant, Taiwanese called it the 热炒店!Oh my, the food there was simply yummylicious! They sell dishes in small plates.


Gosh I  miss the food there!

We had so much fun eating the food while drinking the Taiwanese Beer!



From Left: Ivan, Tania, Iquenna and Vanessa!


Yoshi, me, Chi Chi and Charlton


Met some friends from Sabah too!


Ivan and me


Tania and me!


Iquenna and me, looking red


Yoshi and me

I had soooo much fun in Taiwan because of these guys!!! They are fabulous and so fun to be with!

Too bad Jennifer was unable to come.

I wanna thank everyone for giving me such a wonderful trip in Taiwan. I shall try to visit again this year!

Wait for me!!!

23 January 2010

Hope for Haiti Now – Do your part now!

Just finished watching Hope for Haiti Now, a telethon organised by George Clooney to raise funds for the victims of Haiti. If you don’t already know, a massive 7.0 magnitude earth quake struck Haiti on 12th January 2009.

To donate, go to https://www.hopeforhaitinow.org/Default.asp

I was touched by Beyonce’s performance..


Taylor Swift

Jay-Z, Rihanna and Bono

Christina Aguilera

Madonna’s performance with the choir is very touching too!

And, Justin Timberlake

The superstars have done their part, what about you?

I am going to do my part now!



20 January 2010

Tokyo, Nice to meet you! Part 1

Finally after so many years of wishing and hoping, I finally visited Tokyo!

We were there for mere 3 days after visiting Hokkaido. 3 days is obviously NOT ENOUGH but nevermind la better than nothing!

We stayed in Toyoko Inn, Monzen Nakacho branch. It was a 8min walk to the subway station. 8 mins is not very long but it is considered long in the hot summer in Tokyo! The room is tidy and clean although they are of minimal size, I have no qualms about it. You guys can try their other hotels, they have it in many locations across Japan. The price is ranging from 9000yen I think. Check out their website for more details!


After resting for a while, we went to Ginza!


It was a Sunday so the whole road was closed. Check out how sunny it was!


Hello Ginza!


We were famished so we had something to eat at Ginza Tenkuni, one of the restaurant recommend by our guide book.


Mixed Tempuras


Tempura on rice – this is so yummy! but I think rather expensive, probably about S$30 ish..


I was having a bad hair day but who cares, too excited! I AM IN TOKYO!

This pastry shop is also recommended by our guide book, their buns are soft and not too sweet!


we then roamed around Ginza..check out their amazing buildings with cool lighting


All the branded shops are located in Ginza, you can definitely find the brand you are looking for!


Next up, we went to Tokyo Tower for Tokyo’s night scenery!


I think Eiffel Tower is much nicer actually!


Views from the Tower




Part 2 to be continued…….


11 January 2010

Hutong Restaurant, One Peking Road – Hong Kong

胡同,a very famous restaurant located on Level 28 of One Peking Road, Hong Kong.

Special thanks to my ex colleague Mr. Lau for recommending this place to me!

This restaurant received its first Michelin star early last year.

To be honest I am not surprised as the ambience of the restaurant is one of the best and the decoration is definitely unique in its own way in Hong Kong!


Cute little display greeted us when we were shown to our table.

We got the table by the window, which has a minimum spending of HKD$1000. I knew about this charge before going so I didn’t ask for a table by the window, as there are only the two of us, however the waiter informed me that no min charge is being imposed on us. Hooray!


Hutong Menu


the view! Sorry my camera can only do so much!


Interior of the restaurant


The restaurant is decorated to resemble the ancient courtyard neighbourhood of Peking


It was foggy that night so no clear view for us!


Recommend dish- Crispy de-boned lamb ribs. This dishes is best among the three that we’ve ordered.


Grill spare ribs- very mid charcoal taste, the meat was soft enough but no wow factor to it


very plain vegetables, wrong order by us


Our dessert, another recommended dish- Mango Puding in the shape of fishes!Nice to see, not nice to eat!

At 7.55pm, we looking forward to the Symphony of Light!


At 8pm!



In my opinion, this restaurant is highly recommended for its ambience but not so much for its food!

We spent about HKD$800 for 2 person.

Its definitely a very romantic place to enjoy with your girlfriend/boyfriend if you do not have any budget issue! If not, you can come with a group of 4 to share the costs!

Oh, I also want to mention here that I find the toilets very spooky as it is very dark and it immediately gave me this eerie feeling upon stepping in!better go in with your girlfriend, if you go you will know what I mean! I dare not even take photos in the toilet :p

Anyway, reservation is a must.

Visit the website for more details!