29 January 2010

Fell in Love with Taiwan – Last Part!

As requested by Dune, I am going to sum up my Taiwan trip last year with today’s post.

After visiting Alishan (see HERE),  the rest took the train back to Taipei where Tania and I went to Tainan for a quick visit!

Not many photos but here you go! I was feeling real exhausted and the weather in Tainan was a killer! Bear in mind it was Summer when I went over last year!


We had 铁路便当 (Railway Bento) in the high speed train! It tasted sooooo good I tell u!


Then we visited Chikan Tower, one of the tourist spot in city centre


Built in 1653, during the Dutch colonial rule, Chikan Tower was initially called Provintia which meant eternity in Dutch. However, the tower was renamed by the Han Chinese as 'the tower of savages' or 'tower of the red haired Barbarians'. The Chinese called it in different names such as Chikan Tower, Fantselou and Honmaulou.


We then walked around the city centre. I was amazed at the amount of food shop there, especially shop selling prawn rolls! Prawn rolls are definitely a popular souvenir in Tainan!


It was quite crowded the other day as well.


tried some street snacks!After trying some snacks, we took the train back to Taipei!

The next day, I met up with Anita, my ex flatmate in Manchester.


Anita and I in front of Sogo, take care babe!


Tasty Taro dessert near Tania’s house!


refreshing taste but very filling!

On my last night in Taipei, we went to a local restaurant, Taiwanese called it the 热炒店!Oh my, the food there was simply yummylicious! They sell dishes in small plates.


Gosh I  miss the food there!

We had so much fun eating the food while drinking the Taiwanese Beer!



From Left: Ivan, Tania, Iquenna and Vanessa!


Yoshi, me, Chi Chi and Charlton


Met some friends from Sabah too!


Ivan and me


Tania and me!


Iquenna and me, looking red


Yoshi and me

I had soooo much fun in Taiwan because of these guys!!! They are fabulous and so fun to be with!

Too bad Jennifer was unable to come.

I wanna thank everyone for giving me such a wonderful trip in Taiwan. I shall try to visit again this year!

Wait for me!!!

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Taiwan is NAIS! =)