27 January 2007

Birthday Plan

Its my BIRTHDAY soon..WOOHOO! I mean its something to be happy about because you will have people wishing you happy bdays and of course receiving gifts from your loved ones. However, it also means that i am going to be a year older..sob sob..lets look at how i celebrated my past bdays:

Em...Actually i am fortunate that i have never celebrated my birthday alone...there are always family and friends with me on my birthday...Questions is :how should i celebrate my birthday this year? :p Any suggestions people???.....

24 January 2007


OMG...i have been so busy this week!!! Have to handle so many files..

My senior Andrea went on leave already and she won't come back until two weeks later..*faint*

Face my boss for long hours everyday...until i dreamt about him two nights in a row already...GOSH....I don't want that to happen!!!

COME BACK Andrea!!! Sob Sob... I want my relaxing junior life back!

21 January 2007

New Hairstyle 2007~!
After weeks of deciding whether to perm my hair and after 4.5 hours sitting in Centro, Sg Wang (My favourite Saloon) I PERMED MY HAIR.....!!!
Chiang Chiang Chiang...what do you guys think?
At first when i looked at it, i didn't really like it as i thought it is too curly, i only wanted wavy hair..but after hours of looking at it..i think its actually quite nice he he...My hairstylist Tama said that it has to be curly at first because after a while the curls will be gone easily!Centro's boss Kevin Woo has recently won the LOREAL colour Award, i have been visiting this saloon since few years back, recommended by my baby sis. However, i have never tried Kevin's skills, so far i only let Tama cut my hair, love the way he does his thing!~ Centro is located at 1st floor of Sg Wang Plaza. Today i even met a HK celebrity, don't know his name but he has recently acted in the Hotel Tycoon, as the second son that hotel biz family. SEE? Even HK celebrity go there to cut their hairs..haha...
Next up...have to colour my hair as well...gosh!!!! i have been spending so much this month buying CNY clothes and now on my precious hair as well! One good thing, salary is coming out in a week's time! :p HOPELESS ME~~~~*Faint*

15 January 2007

I just got to know that my friend who has cancer passed away almost two months ago..~!!!

I feel so DAMN terrible now...How can i not know about this?

O M G..i can't really believe this...First is my beloved god-brother Shan Chong..now its him..

To think about this positively, at least now he no longer suffers..but still..my heart feels a million tonnes weight..
He has shown great strength in being joyful and happy always though with the pain that he was going through..

Rest in peace my friend..

May you be in a world without pain and suffering..

you will always be remembered..

14 January 2007

Dinner at Vincenzo, One Bangsar

Went to this restaurant at One Bangsar..it was a nice dinner as i am really into pasta these days! Honestly i've been eating so much..i think its time to cut down before CNY!!!Definitely a nice place to have dinner with friends and family. Do give it a try if you are around the area. Check out the pics!!!


13 January 2007

Eye on Malaysia

Went to the Malaysian Eye (or Eye on Malaysia?) yesterday while waiting for friend's arrival from Singapore. It was quite nice actually, although it definitely cannot be compare with the London Eye. The wheel was turning at a faster pace than the London Eye, probably guess there is nothing much to see? :p Anyway we didn't go up as it was drizzling, doubt we can see anything if we go up there. It's RM15 per ride for half an hour. Will definitely go up the next time when it is clear sky. Not many tourists there though. mostly local taking pictures and couple taking a walk there.

Actually why can't Malaysia has something special instead of copying the London Eye? Are we Malaysian not creative enough to come out something of our own? How dissapointing! Pardon me, i am just in a fussy mood, complaining about things as usual! :p I think the tourism board is better off promoting our lovely islands and beaches we have or the national park instead of wasting money building something like this. Having said that, it's still nice to have something like that in KL, also an additional place for the lovebirds to go to.

There were fireworks on the night of launching this Eye on Malaysia. Too bad i wasn't there to witness it~ Nvm..i shall add some fireworks into this picture and imagine it myself!

Go and have a look when you guys are free..and decide whether its worth the taxpayer's money!

11 January 2007

More photos of gathering with my laughing buddy~!

Met up with Pauline again on Tuesday as she is going back to Kuching today. Also met up with Li Lian, Shan and Hsian. Went to Shrooms at KLCC as its happy hour! Pauline likes to drink :p *opps* hehe..

Then she made me do her FRIENDS FOREVER pose...so SHY ;P

Shan, Me, Pauline n Li Lian

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Look at Shan and her hidden FRIENDS FOREVER Pose...hahaha..My laughing buddy got such a nice smile~

Come back soon Pauline~~~~Haven't gone clubbing with you haha...Miss you already..Muacks..

Btw, what do you guys think of the pictures? Its so cute..thanks Leesh for telling me about this website www.slide.com can even have a slide show! so COOL...

08 January 2007

My Laughing Buddy, Pauline

SO COOL!...my laughing buddy Pauline is back from Melbourne. Gosh i really missed her throughout this whole year! Met her with her last night...it was really good to see her again! I hope that she will be studying CLP in KL haha simply because then i can hang out with her more often :p We went to La Bodega in Bangsar..Shan was there too, haven't seen her since i started work also..the food was yummy and the Sangria was good too..a nice place to chill out with friends..

02 January 2007

New Years Eve Countdown @ the Curve

Supposed to join some friends at Zouk on New Years Eve but i wasn't feeling that great for clubbing so we went to the Curve to see fireworks instead. Wasn't that tough to find a parking, we parked at Tesco, and it is Free of Charge! :p Got there at around 8 after picking Maddy up. It was madness trying to get into a restaurant! Was queuing at this restaurant called Ton Chan and when its our turn, the waiter informed us that we still have to wait for 45 mins before we can get our food! So crappy...Then we went to the Hakka restaurant next door called Ying Ker or something and the food was good~!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Christmas decoration at the Curve..nice one!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

me n sis..

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After dinner, we went to TGI Friday's for drinks while waiting for the countdown...It was really nice sitting at the Bar counter and have cocktails although it would be even nicer if those angmo beside us aren't smoking that much!

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When it is approaching 12 midnight.. we went to join the crowd and ready to see the beautiful fireworks!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Let me show you how wonderful the fireworks are!!! They are so amazing! I Love it so much~!!!

After the amazing fireworks..we made a wrong decision--> that is to leave the Curve!!! sigh was stucked in the jam for 1 1/2 hours okay..~aih..but actually i still think its worth it :p maybe i am not the one driving thats why. hahaha so mean of me right...Although i didn't go to Zouk but i really had fun at the Curve as well..special thanks to Mr.Driver Muacks...he he..

Its YEAR 2007!!!

gosh...i hate this..getting older again! Sigh..Anyway i think i need to have some New Years Resolutions. My New Years Resolutions are:

1. Not to be scolded so much by my boss :p

2. Be Healthy and exercise more.. too much illness lately

3. Continue to be cheerful and always smile

4. Travel to at least two different countries

5. Get a Tag Heaur watch..although a bit impossible :p

6. spend more time with family and friends..

7. Fight against the wrinkles, even though i haven't got any, prevention is better than cure

8. Own another branded handbag. How can i convince people that i am not materialistic? haha..

9. Learn to dance!

10. Understand myself more!!!

Bye Bye Year 2006~!!!

P/S : Hope you guys like the new background cos this is going to stay for at least 6 months!!!