11 January 2007

More photos of gathering with my laughing buddy~!

Met up with Pauline again on Tuesday as she is going back to Kuching today. Also met up with Li Lian, Shan and Hsian. Went to Shrooms at KLCC as its happy hour! Pauline likes to drink :p *opps* hehe..

Then she made me do her FRIENDS FOREVER pose...so SHY ;P

Shan, Me, Pauline n Li Lian

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Look at Shan and her hidden FRIENDS FOREVER Pose...hahaha..My laughing buddy got such a nice smile~

Come back soon Pauline~~~~Haven't gone clubbing with you haha...Miss you already..Muacks..

Btw, what do you guys think of the pictures? Its so cute..thanks Leesh for telling me about this website www.slide.com can even have a slide show! so COOL...

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