27 February 2009

Quick Note on a Friday at home

Hi guys! I am stay9ing home on a Friday! YES I AM!

Anyway I have just watched American Idol semi Final 2. GOSHI really wanna faint already!

It’s like…the contestant kept picking the wrong songs and sang terribly!

Except this two contestants!


Adam Lambert- Paula said : I feel like I am not watching American Idol but I am watching Adam Lambert’s concert! I think he is certainly one of the strong ones in the batch! He is kinda hot too!!!


Allison Iraheta – She sang “Alone” by Celine Dion. It was so fantastic!!! Strong vocal definitely!

Fingers crossed that they get through, as for the third spot, I don’t really care. The rest were pretty crap anyway.

On another note, tomorrow I am going to the NATAS Travel Fair to book my family’s trip to Hokkaido, Japan in July! We want to go and see Lavender!

Can’t wait for that to happen! Hope there would be good deals as well!More details to follow shortly!

Have a good weekend peeps!!!

26 February 2009

Dim Sum @ Imperial Treasure Restaurant, Takashimaya

Been wanting to go this restaurant for dim sum ages ago after reading Simon’s post on it.

Brought mom there over the weekend as she loves dim sum too.

Result? We loved it! It’s so yummylicious!


Imperial Group, I suppose I can go visit their other restaurants as well


chicken feet, this is very good! marinated well


xiao long bao- I was a bit hesitant to order this but I was wrong, I think this is of the same standard as Ding Tai Feng if not better!


Steamed pork ribs, someone enjoyed this very much too!


This is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! The soup is so sweet and the beancurd roll tasted heavenly~


The char siew bao is not bad also!

The other item I would recommend is the 韮菜饺子, its some vegetable dumpling! I love it so much that I’ve forgotten to take a picture of it!!!

This restaurant would definitely be in my dim sum list, I shall return again to try some other stuff.

The total bills costs around 40 for the three of us.

Thanks Simon for the good recommendation!

23 February 2009

81st Annual Academy Award – Fashion @ Oscars!

Some of my favourites! All photos are courtesy of http://www.oscar.com/ and http://www.straitstime.com/ !


I love this! It’s so glam..Anne Hathaway looks like a mermaid!


Sarah Jessica Parker – Love this dress on her, its very princess-like!


Penelope Cruz – Lacey lace, very romantic!

The other dresses that I like!


Best Actress Winner ! Kate Winslet – I like this dress makes her look a bit fat due to the satin material, love the lace though!

These are the dress I like.. How about you guys?!

22 February 2009

What I’ve been doing…



Me folks are in town..! It’s so nice to have home cooked food again!

fried asparagus with mushroom, corn soup and fried lala! All my favourite dishes by Mom!

and.. I was busy with this!

downloading songs, uploading songs and listening to my Ipod!

Bought some new clothes too!


from a Korean shop in AMK, think around S$40, for work!


This dress is from The Choice @ Bangsar and the cardigan is from Springfield in the Gardens, the belt is from Sg Wang. Do you like it?

Got a belated birthday from Saw Hooi, its so pretty! Thanks babe!


Someone got a gift from me too!

Today I went to Bugis Junction and when I passed by J.Co Donuts, guess what I saw!


Introducing J.Co baby donuts!


comes in a pack of 24 for $10.50. So adorable!


cute no?

Have a nice Sunday peeps!!!


16 February 2009

My Valentine 09

We went to Hog’s Breath Cafe at Holland Village for our V Day dinner as we both wanted to have ribs. I love the dress I wore, its from a local designer in Bangsar, pretty isn't it?

IMG_0390 IMG_0395

Finger Food Platter, and all Natural Prime Ribs


My Smoked BBQ Spare Ribs

After dinner, it was drinks with the girls and guys in Clark Quay!

and finally presenting my Birthday and Valentine’s Day present!


Actually I just went to change it to PINK colour!!!




Hope you guys had a great Valentine’s as well…..!

10 February 2009

My B Day 2009 – PART 2

Yes this is the second part and final part of my B day celebration!

For B day dinner, we went to Forlino @ One Fullerton. My friend actually recommended this restaurant to me, saying that the ambience is romantic and the food is fantastic!

I was really looking forward to the dinner but I also felt very full from my B day lunch earlier!


On the way to Forlino…the long walk….this is the underpass in the Fullerton Hotel


dimmed staircase up to the restaurant


The traditional menu which consists of the Chef’s signature dishes!

IMG_0270 IMG_0271

One of the dining rooms where we had our dinner


One picture before our dinner.

We ordered one traditional menu and another main course.


Complimentary Foccacia Bread from the restaurant..made by the Chef’s wife. It’s a bit too hard for my liking.


Complimentary Calamari, a wee bit too oily, if not it will be perfect


View outside the window..that’s the Merlion Park down there and Esplanade on the right side of the picture


Appetizer: Home Cured Meat Platter -Parma Hams..love the one at the middle of first row.. its so THIN


The Middle Course- Veal Ravioli. I didn’t taste it but J said it’s delicious!


My Duck Pasta with Foe Grais . I love this! The amount of the sauce is just right and it’s heavenly with the taste of Foe Grais!


Mama Lamb Chop from the traditional Menu. I am surprised that although its deep fried, this lamb chop does not taste dry and hard at all. What is the secret?


There is cheese inside! What a brilliant idea!


Then…there is also a complimentary cake from the restaurant!


Me with the cake!


me with the boss who foot the bill!!! People says we look alike? Do we? What do you think?


His dessert: Chocolate Mouse. It’s actually very good but I was too full to finish it!

With all that, our meal was happily concluded.


I simple adore the corridor! It’s so classic..!


and the red couch!

Forlino is definitely recommended for special occasions as it is a bit pricey. Do give it a try if you need to celebrate anything! I believe it will become more popular as it has already gained such good publicity only after its opening for 8 months. We took a walk after the dinner and returned home after.


It was a great birthday celebration for me. I am truly blessed with people who care about me…

Anyway Valentine’s Day is also coming up but I do not think we will try another fine dining again as I am craving for some down to earth food like pork ribs etc!

Well, We will see…..