27 February 2009

Quick Note on a Friday at home

Hi guys! I am stay9ing home on a Friday! YES I AM!

Anyway I have just watched American Idol semi Final 2. GOSHI really wanna faint already!

It’s like…the contestant kept picking the wrong songs and sang terribly!

Except this two contestants!


Adam Lambert- Paula said : I feel like I am not watching American Idol but I am watching Adam Lambert’s concert! I think he is certainly one of the strong ones in the batch! He is kinda hot too!!!


Allison Iraheta – She sang “Alone” by Celine Dion. It was so fantastic!!! Strong vocal definitely!

Fingers crossed that they get through, as for the third spot, I don’t really care. The rest were pretty crap anyway.

On another note, tomorrow I am going to the NATAS Travel Fair to book my family’s trip to Hokkaido, Japan in July! We want to go and see Lavender!

Can’t wait for that to happen! Hope there would be good deals as well!More details to follow shortly!

Have a good weekend peeps!!!


Jill said...

Hey, your pink backgound is nice! Maybe you can spend sometime to adjust your header ^^

Trip to Hokkaido with family sounds fun, I wish I could travel with my family too, but might wait a while now.

I haven't watched Amerian Idol yet, not sure if it's on TV or not, but I did watch the last one.

maddy said...

Eh babe, I have a hyothetical qtn - what song would you sing if you were on American Idol/M'sian Idol ... ?