27 February 2007


imagine no holiday for the whole of March and April....! (pls correct me if you know there is any public holiday)

really feel demotivated...

no holiday planned ahead...nothing to look forward to :((

Good thing is Jerry is finally back from Sabah..!haha..it was kind of hard being apart..even though its only for 11 days :p
Been pretty busy this week...not in the sense that i work late but during office hour i was really mentally exhausted! Actually good also, means that i am learning at least isnt't it?
Now i am only waiting for WC's wedding party next month! CAN'T WAIT....it will be FUN FUN FUN~ CIAO..
Btw, this is a picture of my room haha..cool isn't it! *wink wink*

21 February 2007

My Short CNY Break

As i am not taking any leave during CNY, i was only in Bp for two days..Short but i really enjoyed myself meeting up with all the old friends. CNY is the only time of the year i get to meet some of them actually..

Its now the 5th day of CNY already..not feeling v well at the moment..gotten the flu bugs! Shucks...Hope i can get well soon before Jerry comes back..he has gone back to Sabah to celebrate CNY with his family and friends..Missing him dearly..He will only be back next Tuesday!..There are moments i wish i can fast forward the time to next Tuesday :p This has been the longes time we have been apart ever since we got together..10 whole days~~~sort of like a challenge actually. This is why i hate long distance relationship! used to have one for three years, don't know how i stand it. I told myself i am not going to have long distance relationship again, no matter what!

Gotta rest now...update again soon~! Hope everyone grab as many ang pao as possible!!!

18 February 2007

My Valentine's

Sorry for the lack of update lately...problem with my computer haven't been solved yet!!! Argh...so i can only do moderate blogging..

Anyway..Valentine's Day is over! How did you guys celebrate it?

I had a very nice Valentine's Day with Jerry of course!

At around 11am, i received phone call from our receptionist, asking me to go up to 20th floor immediately! At first i thought might have been some documents delivered to me..however when i went there, there was a girl sitting near reception with a bouquet of TULIPS! O M G..actually never came across my mind that it would have been flowers for me! Somemore my favourite flower! Thanks to my sweet dear! I felt so loved!

Actually to be honest, before V day, i was thinking whether Jerry will give me flowers or not..I would PREFER to get it actually hahaha..i don't know how i would feel if i haven't receive any flowers from him, em i am definitely not those type of girlfriend who think it's okay not to have any flowers from bf!!! Of course he doesn't have to give me a dozen of roses, for me i think at least one stalk of rose will do! SERIOUSly...hahaha..But he gave me 10stalks of Tulips...Aw....i was such a a happy girlfriend on that day...:p

For V day dinner, we went to The Attic in Bangsar. I haven't been there actually but when i was surfing online for V day dinner, i saw they have V day set dinner for couple. It was with a glass of champagne each, three course meal and there would be live performance by some famous singer apparently. It sounds good so i booked for it. The food wasn't that great but the atmosphere was really romantic. The singing was great! Will definitely go there again just to chill or something.

17 February 2007


Wa i can't believe that it's already the EVE of the CNY.....

One year has gone past so quickly...time to meet up with old friends again~!!!

All the best to everyone...grab as many ang pows as possible, stay healthy and youthful!

08 February 2007

Birthday Birthday Birthday: Part 2

As promised, here comes Part 2 of my birthday celebration~~~

Oh ya, if you guys are observant enough, you probably know that i got 3 cakes altogether for my birthday. If you missed it, no worries cos i am going to show you guys again he he he...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Tiramisu cake from Bread Story!Yummy..

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Cheesecake from Secret Recipe...v Yummy as well

Chocolate cake from Big Apple restaurant, Times Square Hotel..heavenly!

As for my birthday dinner, Jerry and i went to QBA at the Westin Hotel. It was such a romantic dinner and i love the ambience of the place very much even though i wouldn't say the food exceptionally yummy :p

After the dinner, its time for PARTY!

At first i wanted to celebrate my birthday at the new club in town ALoHa..but so many friends can't make it and after hearing stories about it, i have decided to change the venue to 7ate9 at Ascott Hotel. Although its a small group of us, it was a fun night out! Thanks for everyone who came that night! I feel so blessed to celebrate my birthday with you guys! Muacks..

I really enjoyed my birthday this year!!! Thanks for all the sms, emails and phone calls...Love ya all.....~

04 February 2007

Birthday Birthday Birthday!

Birthday is finally over! And i had such a wonderful birthday again this year!

First i have a pre-birthday celebration with my high school friends because they are not going to be in KL on my birthday itself! I didn't know that they are going to celebrate with me until we sat down in the mamak and Rainy bring out the cake! Aw...so sweet of them...was really happy....

Then on my birthday itself, i had lunch with my lovely colleagues! Thanks to Audrey for organising birthday lunch for me, she is really a STAR in SLB!

I am actually writing this entry in the office because my IE at home kept shutting down by itself! Gosh...wanted to put up this entry long time ago...sob sob..
I will post up second part of my birthday celebration again soon i PROMISE! :p

03 February 2007

Malacca Trip 31st Jan - 1st Feb 07

Went to Malacca during the Public Holiday. It was a nice lil break from work..Thanks to Nicole and her friend Ash for showing us around in Malacca.Nicole is such a good host! So much to eat yet so little time! Satay Celup, Ojian, chicken rice ball, cendol, ikan bakar etc...Stuffed with food!

I am thinking about our next trip already..PENANG here i come...!I am such a food lover~!