27 February 2007


imagine no holiday for the whole of March and April....! (pls correct me if you know there is any public holiday)

really feel demotivated...

no holiday planned ahead...nothing to look forward to :((

Good thing is Jerry is finally back from Sabah..!haha..it was kind of hard being apart..even though its only for 11 days :p
Been pretty busy this week...not in the sense that i work late but during office hour i was really mentally exhausted! Actually good also, means that i am learning at least isnt't it?
Now i am only waiting for WC's wedding party next month! CAN'T WAIT....it will be FUN FUN FUN~ CIAO..
Btw, this is a picture of my room haha..cool isn't it! *wink wink*

1 comment:

tiffany said...

who is WC?? do I know him/her?
its a good news,I am happy for her/him too!!

when is yours??:P