29 May 2007

Curly or Straight?

Went to cut my hair justnow FINALLY........been wanting to cut for a month! #%2525@<>

My hairstylist straightened my hair..he likes to see me in straight hair...just temporary though..

then i wonder, which one actually suits me better? Any comments?

TELL ME....wahaha..
i looked so tired....*sob sob*

Work is getting so busy!!! I only have a brain and a pair of hand, how much can i do?!Have some mercy, my dear boss!

24 May 2007

Random Post: Choices in Life

working 12 hours a day is no joke!

The bottomline is IS IT WORTH IT?

Me and my colleague is asking ourselves this question everyday.

Do we want to spend our whole life working this hard? or there is more to life than work?

I think everyone can choose what they want in life...but i am still undecided...What about you guys?

Isnt she gorgoues? The lead actress in Korean show, Goong.

Anyway, MY FAIR LADY was ok for me only. It was a bit draggy and maybe because i was too tired as well due to work..Went to Heritage Row thereafter..but the crowd and the songs they played in Mojo and Ivy wasn't too great..crap..another weekend wasted!Having said that, it was fun to hang out with Maddy and Andrea..We needed it actually..

Me and Maddy in Ivy

Thats all for now...this Saturday gotta help out with Bar Idol Competition!

19 May 2007


Am going to watch MY FAIR LADY tonight! It's been a while since i last saw a musical, last one being Les Miserables. Hope it will be good! *smile*

Need some real entertainment ! Due diligence has been on going for a month...

After MY FAIR LADY will be drinking and partying at the Curve!


15 May 2007


KL BAR IDOL 2007 is here@@@!!!

As some of you know, i joined the competition last year but didn't get thru to the final round *shy* Take a close look at the video wahaha..

Anyway, this year i have switched my role from the contestant to one of the organising committee!

KL Bar Idol is open to members and pupil in chambers of the KL Bar. More details can be found at www.klbar.org.my and the entry form can be downloaded from http://www.klbar.org.my/dir/MP/KLBarIdol2007.pdf.

Audition will be on 26th May, please drop by if you would like to look at the quality of voices we have this year! If not please come to the Charity Night itself, where you will be able to see the best of the best! Details of the Charity Night will be published shortly.

LAWYERS ARE NOT NERD OK...we know how to have fun too! hahaha..

10 May 2007

Mom's Birthday at Daorea, Sri Hartamas

Celebrated mommy's birthday on 2nd May at my favourite Korean restaurant, Daorea in Sri Hartamas. I think mommy was happy about this little celebration! We love you, Mommy~ MUACKS!

07 May 2007

I AM SICK... again
wasn't feeling well before going to Penang...and after all the uncontrolled eating in Penang, the devil is back to attacking me again! I have never been so sick before, sick to the point that i was so depress and was practically crying non-stop because of the horrible feeling i have inside me. Fever of 38.4 for three days (on and off) and + the horrible flu!!!

I am feeling better now, thanks to mommy. Family is always the nicest to you..their love is unconditional..after this incident, i love my mommy even more!

02 May 2007

Penang is @ll about F.O.O.D

I am back from my Penang trip and i have gained so much weight...all due to those yummylicious food! No regrets though, i just need more trips to yogazone and more efforts to lose that extra pound!!! We also stopped over Penang for its chicken rice and the famous Ipoh Hor Fun! I laughed so much during the trip, it's a good trip for us family to be together! Too bad bro is still in Uk, i am sure with him around it will be even more fun~!Happy times always go by so quickly...now its back to work again tomorrow..

Let me give you a list of must have food in Penang for me:
1. Fried Oyster at Gurney drive and New Lane
2. Sisters Char Kuey Tiaw at Macaleister Road (Don't think they are open on Mondays though)
3. Laksa at the stall opposite the Pasar near Kek Lok Si temple
4. Seafood at Ah Yan's, Bukit Tambun
5. Seafood at Waterworld restaurant, Batu Ferringgi
6. Burger at Tari Cafe