30 August 2009

Food Galore, Slurps!

Taking a break from my Japan entries ! Wanna share  about some food that I’ve been having here in Singapore!!!

1. Watami, IonOrchard

DSC04040 Fresh grilled scallop, only $4.80!!! was good but I wish it was BIGGER hahaha

Idori Sushi Grandeur! $10… I am in love with this scallop sushi! so FRESH and Big enough to satisfy my desire…The other two type of sushi were Thumbs Up for me as well! Highly recommended!

DSC04043 DSC04044

Kimchi nabe, this is pretty normal, but I like how thin the pork slices are, easy to cook and tasted like those I had in Japan, it has a sweet taste to it!

DSC04045 Wafu pizza, this is YUM!!! crispy, at first glance, there may not be a lot of chicken on the pizza but after tasted it, you won’t realise the lack of meat in it. Very enjoyable, I thnk I had half of it! Highly Recommended as well!

DSC04046 For desserts, we tried Matcha Azuki Crepe, I love it too!!! Love the skin, love the ice cream and the azuki (red bean) and the cream, EVERYTHING LAH!

Thats all we had in Watami. I wanna try the rest of the dishes, will return soon! The wait was 30minutes but I think its worthwhile as all the food tasted great and they are reasonably priced!! Do give it a try if you happen to be in Ion Orchard.

2. Leong Kee Bak Kut Teh

Finally found BKT in Singapore which is not Pepperish and its similar to those sold in Klang, Malaysia!


located at 321 Beach Road


Stew Pig Trotter, YUM! the meat is so soft and didn’t taste too oily!

Hot piping BKT Soup!!! generous portions for two persons.

I can foresee me having this once in a month at least but I still wanna try out the rest! This was YUM!

3. Japanese Buffet at Minori, UE Square

Had cravings for sashimi one of the days and we went to this Japanese buffet at UE Square.

All the items are tasting portions so you have to keep ordering if you want more.

DSC04027 Ambience at the restaurant, not bad.


sashimi available, not too much but for the price we paid, I think its adequate.


Mixed Sashimi platter, the sashimi was sliced to almost a cube size, for me I think its not Shiok enough! I remembered the salmon tasted the best amongst the rest, which tasted alright only.


Grilled pork, tasted hard. Salted salmon was alright.


Tempura was not bad, not too oily and crispy.

We paid about $37 per person, which is not too bad. Anyone has better suggestions for Japanese buffet with this budget?

All pictures are taken with my sony ericsson phone, so please mind the quality!

Time for exercise after all these FOOD!

Tomorrow will go for Salsa trial class…….should be fun!!!

Monday Blues GO AWAY………..


21 August 2009

Yokoso Japan Day 2 Part 2

Today we did something really fun!!!!

For the first time , we went Cherry Plucking!

This is not something in the itinerary so kudos to our superb tour guide Steven!!!


The fruit farm we went to. This is a board showing what fruits will be available for which month during the year.


They have a small factory beside the fruit farm, manufacturing jam etc


Cherry Trees!!!

We were all so EXCITED to see these. We are allowed pluck and eat as many as we can.


Cute Isn’t it?


Sorry I can’t help but to ACT CUTE!

2009-07-22 001

One happy family!


My bro enjoying his cherries


found some nice yellow flowers in the farm

P1070785 They have pears too! but its not ripe yet..


same goes for these cuties


I wanna eat them too but I can’t !


Our tour members having a chat with the farm workers

IMG_1386edited-pola - Copy

Part 2 to be continued….


16 August 2009

Yokoso Japan Day 1 Part 2

We were brought back to our first Ryokan hotel of our trip.

Ryokan hotels are hotels with hot spring bathing facilities .

Scenery along the way. Our hotel is located at Lake Toya.


Guest rooms are constructed using traditional Japanese methods: flooring is tatami, and doors are sliding doors.

This is our room ! So excited to sleep in a traditional Japanese guestroom.



The amazing view from our hotel room

After resting for a while, I went to Onsen bath with my mom and sister. No photo taking is allowed but I really like it. It’s really relaxing. However, beware to stay in onsen for too long if you are not used to it.

Then it was DINNER TIME!!!


We went to a huge hall and our tour guide Steven is already singing there to entertain us!


we were all wearing the bath robe and the sliced pork was really good as its tasted so sweet! love pork in Japan!

After dinner, it was highlight of the day, Fireworks by the lake side!

IMG_1348 IMG_1340 IMG_1345

Day 2 to be continued!

Before I end this post, I am glad to hear that the boss of the hostel I stayed in Alishan and his family is alright although they are trapped in the mountain. I really hope that Typhoon disaster would end soon. I will continue to pray for all those people suffering in Taiwan, China and Japan!


May the kind boss and the family continue to be safe…

The typhoon has destroyed some parts of beautiful Taiwan, its such a pity.. I truly wish that many others would be able to see the amazing sunrise of Alishan again!!!


12 August 2009

Yokoso Japan Day 1 Part 1

Phew...Finally I am home earlier today!

Really wanna start blogging about my Japan Trip so HERE I AM!

As mentioned earlier, we took up the package offered by SA Tours Singapore, total costs per person S$2300, which is about RM1000+ cheaper than those offered by travel agents in Malaysia.

So 5 of us began our journey to Japan and my brother will be flying from UK to Japan to join us.

If I remember correctly, the flight was about 7 hours. We arrived in Narita Airport but we had to go to the Haneda Airport for our flight to Chitose Airport, Hokkaido.

Guess what we had for breakfast? SA gave us each a box of packed lunch, but not ordinary set lunch, according to the tour guide, its bento ordered from a hotel at Haneda Airport.


Our first meal in Tokyo! It was alright only..


Ainu village


The huts the Ainu people stayed last time.


We went into the hut for some performances by the Ainu people


Ainu girl playing their traditional musical instrument, it was quite boring actually..


The lake was quite nice…breezy…I look so pale here! Too tired from overnight flight…



some stall selling snacks outside the Ainu museum


After visiting the Ainu Museum, we were brought to the Jigokudani – the Hell Valley,a spectacular, appropriately named valley, which displays hot steam vents, sulfurous streams and other volcanic activity.


What a name right!!!



We were brought to our hotel after this Finally!

Part 2 to be continued!!!….


05 August 2009


I am soooo happy to know that Bershka is opening up in Ion Orchard!!! I first discovered this brand while I went to Spain during uni days, then when I went to Greece I saw it again. Needless to say both times I bought some nice clothing from the shops.

Going Ion tonight to see if it is open yet!

Went to search for their
website and these are some of the stuff which I like:
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

What do you think of their clothes?

Long weekend ahead....but I still won't have time to blog about Japan trip as I will be away AGAIN...

yes this time going to Sabah! second time there...

Looking forward to chilax there and of course, Seafood!!!