16 August 2009

Yokoso Japan Day 1 Part 2

We were brought back to our first Ryokan hotel of our trip.

Ryokan hotels are hotels with hot spring bathing facilities .

Scenery along the way. Our hotel is located at Lake Toya.


Guest rooms are constructed using traditional Japanese methods: flooring is tatami, and doors are sliding doors.

This is our room ! So excited to sleep in a traditional Japanese guestroom.



The amazing view from our hotel room

After resting for a while, I went to Onsen bath with my mom and sister. No photo taking is allowed but I really like it. It’s really relaxing. However, beware to stay in onsen for too long if you are not used to it.

Then it was DINNER TIME!!!


We went to a huge hall and our tour guide Steven is already singing there to entertain us!


we were all wearing the bath robe and the sliced pork was really good as its tasted so sweet! love pork in Japan!

After dinner, it was highlight of the day, Fireworks by the lake side!

IMG_1348 IMG_1340 IMG_1345

Day 2 to be continued!

Before I end this post, I am glad to hear that the boss of the hostel I stayed in Alishan and his family is alright although they are trapped in the mountain. I really hope that Typhoon disaster would end soon. I will continue to pray for all those people suffering in Taiwan, China and Japan!


May the kind boss and the family continue to be safe…

The typhoon has destroyed some parts of beautiful Taiwan, its such a pity.. I truly wish that many others would be able to see the amazing sunrise of Alishan again!!!


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Anonymous said...

Yo!!! I like that room!! Very Japanese style!
What the hell I'm talking about? It's in Japan! Of course!

Your sista and you look quite a like :p

LS Kee