12 August 2009

Yokoso Japan Day 1 Part 1

Phew...Finally I am home earlier today!

Really wanna start blogging about my Japan Trip so HERE I AM!

As mentioned earlier, we took up the package offered by SA Tours Singapore, total costs per person S$2300, which is about RM1000+ cheaper than those offered by travel agents in Malaysia.

So 5 of us began our journey to Japan and my brother will be flying from UK to Japan to join us.

If I remember correctly, the flight was about 7 hours. We arrived in Narita Airport but we had to go to the Haneda Airport for our flight to Chitose Airport, Hokkaido.

Guess what we had for breakfast? SA gave us each a box of packed lunch, but not ordinary set lunch, according to the tour guide, its bento ordered from a hotel at Haneda Airport.


Our first meal in Tokyo! It was alright only..


Ainu village


The huts the Ainu people stayed last time.


We went into the hut for some performances by the Ainu people


Ainu girl playing their traditional musical instrument, it was quite boring actually..


The lake was quite nice…breezy…I look so pale here! Too tired from overnight flight…



some stall selling snacks outside the Ainu museum


After visiting the Ainu Museum, we were brought to the Jigokudani – the Hell Valley,a spectacular, appropriately named valley, which displays hot steam vents, sulfurous streams and other volcanic activity.


What a name right!!!



We were brought to our hotel after this Finally!

Part 2 to be continued!!!….



Anonymous said...

nice to see you blog about your Japan trip!

You look thinner now!

Looking forward to more of your posts!!

LS Kee

Simon Seow said...

Ah, I want to go to Japan too.

calvin said...

That valley at Noboribetsu!
Been there before hehe xD