28 September 2009

Yokoso Japan Day 3 Part 2

Our Lavender adventure continues!

Before that, we visited some winery in Furano. Weird I know! No one will go Japan for wine, only sake! Anyway, since it was in the itinerary, we had no choice but to stick to it, might as well get the best out of it right?





As expected, the wine wasn’t that great! I think I prefer Australia’s~~~

There is also a lavender field outside the winery!

Next up, something not in the itinerary! We were brought to yet another LAVENDER Farm!!!




camwhore time!

only me and baby sis as the rest think that its too hot to stay under the sun!!! but we didn’t really care, we were just excited to see this patch of green!


Japanese kid


It was really HOT!

After the Lavender Farm, we proceeded to a waterfall!


Gin Ga No Ta Ki waterfall!



It is actually a national park, but we didn’t have the time to explore around! Were only shown the waterfall! We were brought to our second Onsen hotel in Hokkaido!


Simply love the delicate decoration of these japanese tatami room!

I know that I am so behind schedule!

Attended a friend’s church wedding on Saturday morning, suppose to attend Vienna’s wedding on Sunday night but I thought it was saturday night so I booked my ticket to return to Singapore on Sunday night itself! Woot…I Am getting very blur these days!

Just wanna wish Joyans + Yi Jin and Vienna + Benjamin a very blissful marriage ahead and forever in LUV!!!


18 September 2009

New Hairstyle!

Hello, time for a quick update as I only came home at 11pm justnow. Need to sleep early because tomorrow going to be a hectic day too!


I am loving this hairstyle now because its so easy to manage!!!

I find Charles Worthington's Smoothing anti-frizz shampoo really good for my hairstyle! One of these days if I am really in the mood I should try to do the wavy bob! It's really pretty. Saw many Japanese girls having wavy short bob hair now!

What do you guys think about my new hairstyle? Feel free to give me some opinion! :)

Or u guys prefer my curly hair?


Hungry d..never had proper dinner justnow... should go to bed soon!

Have a good weekend peeps!!!

14 September 2009

Yokoso Japan Day 3 Part 1- Lavender Farm!

Continuing with my Japan post..Day 3!


Farm Tomita- This is the whole purpose of our trip to Hokkaido! To see these beautiful flowers, especially the L.A.V.E.N.D.E.R!!!


IMG_1535Map of the Farm

2009-07-23 001


IMG_1545edited Lovely Lavender behind me! More to come….

IMG_1546edited Beautiful aren’t they? Smells great too!



Speechless view….IMG_1567edited Yummy Lavender Ice Cream! Regretted that I only had one!

2009-07-23 001


can’t help to take more pictures!

We walked further up the hill and this is WHAT we saw….


This is the picture for my header too! Love this amazing view….sea of beautiful flowers….

2009-07-23 001



Sorry if you don’t like flowers because we were brought to another lavender farm after this!

Stay Tuned!


09 September 2009

09.09.09 and Yokoso Japan Day 2 Part 3

First of all, congrats to my dear sis and Eik Tze!!!

They are one of the couples who had their ROM today! She will be scolding me for putting up this photo of hers,but I AM STILL GOING TO DO IT!


Wish their marriage will be 长长久久!!!永浴爱河!!!My sis is glowing isn’t she?

Today should be a extremely popular date for people to get married due to its meaning + its easy to remember, Why not?!

Does it mean there would be same amount of ppl getting married next year on 11.11.11?

We shall see!!!

Back to my Japan post, after cherry plucking, we were brought to HERE!

IMG_1416 The Bear Ranch! kind of miss my long hair because I have shorter hair now! Haven't took any nice pictures yet but will post it up once I have the chance to do so

IMG_1419 baby bears!

The older ones. They are very smart, all waiting for us to throw food at them and they will catch it with their mouth. Very entertaining indeed!

There are a lot of brown bears in Hokkaido and sometimes you may bump into them crossing the road! That’s what my tourguide Steven told us.


See? Warning for Bear Ahead!

After looking at the bears, we explored the area by venturing out a bit.


Wondering why there is a stand there? Its specially for you to take picture of the volcano behind! You would see this everywhere at the tourists spots, this is something that only Japanese would think of! If you look at the picture clearly, there is also date of the day you take picture so that you can remember it correctly the next time you see your picture~!


saw some beautiful flowers and can’t help to take a picture of it!

IMG_1452 brother stopping by to buy some snacks


This uncle is selling grilled Scallops and his scallop is HUGE!

IMG_1457 YUMMMMMMM MISS THIS SO MUCH! so fresh and its so sweet! Too bad we only bought one to be shared among us!!!


These couple is so friendly that they asked us to take picture of their stall!

After all these, its lunch time!


restaurant where we had lunch! It is also a seafood wholesale centre.


lets see what’s available!

IMG_1469 Huge Kani!


Honestly, I was scared to hold it!

Our tour package actually doesn’t include all these more expensive seafood, so we had to choose and pay for the seafood that we want!

IMG_1484 Sashimi! YUMMMM….


Our steamed kani. It was heavenly! No doubt it was Fresh to the bits, the meat was soft and it melts in your mouth instantly!



The food included in our tour package, very standard stuff, loads of vegetables underneath.



MY family!


After we finished our lunch, we can’t wait to go out and see this view!



After lunch, we went to a Japanese winery.


traditional tools


See the ball hanging there? Its made from thousand years old tree skin. This is their auspicious item 吉祥物, if you say anything negative in the winery, the winery will not be affected by your words.


nice environment at the winery

Coming up….best ramen in Hokkaido?

Weekend be here soon!!!!!!!!