28 September 2009

Yokoso Japan Day 3 Part 2

Our Lavender adventure continues!

Before that, we visited some winery in Furano. Weird I know! No one will go Japan for wine, only sake! Anyway, since it was in the itinerary, we had no choice but to stick to it, might as well get the best out of it right?





As expected, the wine wasn’t that great! I think I prefer Australia’s~~~

There is also a lavender field outside the winery!

Next up, something not in the itinerary! We were brought to yet another LAVENDER Farm!!!




camwhore time!

only me and baby sis as the rest think that its too hot to stay under the sun!!! but we didn’t really care, we were just excited to see this patch of green!


Japanese kid


It was really HOT!

After the Lavender Farm, we proceeded to a waterfall!


Gin Ga No Ta Ki waterfall!



It is actually a national park, but we didn’t have the time to explore around! Were only shown the waterfall! We were brought to our second Onsen hotel in Hokkaido!


Simply love the delicate decoration of these japanese tatami room!

I know that I am so behind schedule!

Attended a friend’s church wedding on Saturday morning, suppose to attend Vienna’s wedding on Sunday night but I thought it was saturday night so I booked my ticket to return to Singapore on Sunday night itself! Woot…I Am getting very blur these days!

Just wanna wish Joyans + Yi Jin and Vienna + Benjamin a very blissful marriage ahead and forever in LUV!!!


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