25 August 2007

Heaven N Feel in BaLi- Day 2 Part 2

ok ok since it is a Saturday and i am home..its time to upload the photos again!

Garuda Wisnu Kencana
This place is close to Uluwatu, so if you are heading to Uluwatu, you might as well drop by here if you have some time. However, i wasn't impressed with this cultural park at all. Its nothing more than huge statutes and when i said statutues i meant there is only two.

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First statute

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Second statute

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some pond before going up the first statue

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Uluwatu is a MUST GO ! The view at the cliff is breathtaking and fantastic! However, you need to beware of the Monkeys in Uluwatu, for they are so fierce that they will just snatch your stuff from you!

Before we went in, i specifically asked the tour guide what to bring and what not to bring. Tour guide informed me not to wear any sunglasses and to carry any food. So i asked him, how about mineral water? He actually told me its fine to carry the mineral water. I did...and Guess WHAT??? a stupid fat monkey jump onto me and snatched my mineral water! I was so shocked and scared that i screammm out so loud! I didn't know what the monkey wants, if i knew i swear that i will throw that bottle away!

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check out that fat ass enjoying my mineral water..drinking like a human!

After Uluwatu, we head straight to Sukawati market. The stuff there is really cheap! i didn't buy a lot though..save money for the upcoming expenses!

Sukawati Market
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things on sale in Sukawati

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the wood crocodile looks so real!

After Sukawati, we started our journey to Ubud, our final destination. Finally time to rest! Exhausted...

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i need a lot of time to blog about UBUD, simply because it is such an awesome place!!!

*to be continued* keep reading!!!

20 August 2007

Heaven n Feel in Bali- Day 2 P@rt 1

On Day 2, we have decided to ask the staff from Bali Sorgawi hotel to recommend some tour guide to us. Obviously they have recommended themselves!~ haha..we paid rupiah 300,000 for a day tour. Our schedule is from Kuta- Nusa Dua Beach- Garadu Wisnu Kencana Park- Uluwatu- Sukawati Market- Ubud. As we going to spend our second and third night in Ubud, we figured that this route fits our schedule well.

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simple breakfast provided by Bali Sorgawi

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place where we had our breakfast, nice right?

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our car waiting for us, we are all set to go!

First Destination: Nusa Dua Beach

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the trees near the Nusa Dua Beach..loving it!

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look at how CLEAR the water is?!

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look at the couple!

its v Hotttt....

to be continued...i have so many photos to sort out..! :p

19 August 2007

He@ven n Feel in Bali - Day 1 Part 2

so..where did we go to after visiting the Kuta beach? We were so hungry so its time for dinner! We have chosen Jimbaran as the place for our dinner of the first night in Bali. We actually didn't want to go there for dinner as we have heard bad reviews about those restaurants at Jimbaran beach before. Normal complaint is that the food there is expensive and not very nice because it is very touristic. There are many restaurants along the Jimbaran Beach, luckily our taxi driver recommended us one fabulous restaurant, the Ganesha!

We actually got a very good deal from Ganesha. What i did was that i told the waiter that we will only pay 300,000 rupiah (which is around RM120++) for a meal of lobster, fish, squid, vege n rice. At first the waiter was reluctant, then i said to the waiter, there are so many restaurants here, i am sure one of it will want my business. In the end we reached the final figure of 350,000 rupiah (excluding gvt n service tax of 21%) in exchange for the live lobster!!!

The lobster was soo yummy, the grilled fish was so fresh and the calamari too! We had such a nice experience eating seafood while watching the sky getting darker n darker. It was

so ROMANTIC! I think this place is a MUST GO for the lovers..

have a look at our photos...

to be continued...more exciting experiences follow shortly!!!

15 August 2007

Heaven N Feel in Bali - Day 1(Part 1)

On 8th August 2007 , we took the 1055 flight from LCCT and arrived in Bali at 1255 , amazingly without any delay!!! Its a good start for our journey! We spent one night in Kuta and two nights in Ubud.

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picture taken from the plane

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even the airport is so nice!

After collecting my luggage and went out from the terminal, we saw the hotel staff carrying a card board with our names written on it.
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very nice statute near the airport

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ancient gas station, on our way to hotel

We chose Bali Sorgawi as our hotel in Kuta as it also provides airport transfer services. After around 40 mins on the road, we finally arrive at our hotel area, Jalan Legian.

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some bar along Jalan Legian

Bali Sorgawi Hotel
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One night at Bali Sorgawi hotel costs us RM120. The room itself is ok but i find the toilet a bit dirty. Overall i would give it a 6/10. After refreshed up a little, we went out to explore Kuta by feet. Actually its a bit tiring to walk to Kuta Beach from Bali Sorgawi although its only a 20mins walk as i seldom exercise :p

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cute tsumo diver along Jalan Legian

After around 20 mins walk, we finally arrived at the famous Kuta beach.

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Actually there is nothing much in Kuta beach...only naked womens...the sand was soft..and the wave is much higher as compared to those in Malaysia.

After Kuta beach we continued walking around Kuta area, saw so many branded shops such as Polo, QuickSilver, Paul Smith etc...

Wanna know what happened next ? STAYED TUNE people.....!!!

*to be continued*

13 August 2007

Heaven N Feel Bali~

Im backkk........back from Bali........Bali is so niceeeee.....fell in love with Bali already.....

Well, since i haven't got the time to sort out that 1000 pics, i will just use words to satisfy your curiosity first! haha...

Things i learn about Bali:

1. A driver in Bali only earns about average RM300 a month
2. Balinese is used to seeing naked woman! So many of them on Kuta Beach haha
3. The monkeys in Uluwatu is like human beings! They can hold a mineral water and drink it just like us!
4. Balinese pray a lot, which explains why they have so many PURAs...which means temple in Indonesian
5. Balinese woman lose their viginity at an average age of 12 yrs old! Thats early :p
6. They eat so much Pork! Its a pork heaven there..
7. Balinese thinks that Malaysians are rich... ahem..not me i think
8. They love hibuscus!
9. Balinese are generally honest. all four drivers i met there are so nice!
10. Each family have their small temples beside or behind their house. Of course the richer family would have a bigger temples.

Pls bear with me..here are some photos of the pretty flowers in Bali..the other photos will follow shortly..:P

06 August 2007

Partying in Bed, Asian Heritage Row

Sneak preview of the photos of the night!!! No time to put up more photos cos i have to pack!!!

getting ready to party!

Aut and I

team mates!

WHY? Because i am going to B. A. L. I...........COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

been waiting n waiting..finally its time to go!!!!!

Remember to miss me dear all...........CIAO!