19 August 2007

He@ven n Feel in Bali - Day 1 Part 2

so..where did we go to after visiting the Kuta beach? We were so hungry so its time for dinner! We have chosen Jimbaran as the place for our dinner of the first night in Bali. We actually didn't want to go there for dinner as we have heard bad reviews about those restaurants at Jimbaran beach before. Normal complaint is that the food there is expensive and not very nice because it is very touristic. There are many restaurants along the Jimbaran Beach, luckily our taxi driver recommended us one fabulous restaurant, the Ganesha!

We actually got a very good deal from Ganesha. What i did was that i told the waiter that we will only pay 300,000 rupiah (which is around RM120++) for a meal of lobster, fish, squid, vege n rice. At first the waiter was reluctant, then i said to the waiter, there are so many restaurants here, i am sure one of it will want my business. In the end we reached the final figure of 350,000 rupiah (excluding gvt n service tax of 21%) in exchange for the live lobster!!!

The lobster was soo yummy, the grilled fish was so fresh and the calamari too! We had such a nice experience eating seafood while watching the sky getting darker n darker. It was

so ROMANTIC! I think this place is a MUST GO for the lovers..

have a look at our photos...

to be continued...more exciting experiences follow shortly!!!

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