15 August 2007

Heaven N Feel in Bali - Day 1(Part 1)

On 8th August 2007 , we took the 1055 flight from LCCT and arrived in Bali at 1255 , amazingly without any delay!!! Its a good start for our journey! We spent one night in Kuta and two nights in Ubud.

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picture taken from the plane

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even the airport is so nice!

After collecting my luggage and went out from the terminal, we saw the hotel staff carrying a card board with our names written on it.
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very nice statute near the airport

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ancient gas station, on our way to hotel

We chose Bali Sorgawi as our hotel in Kuta as it also provides airport transfer services. After around 40 mins on the road, we finally arrive at our hotel area, Jalan Legian.

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some bar along Jalan Legian

Bali Sorgawi Hotel
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One night at Bali Sorgawi hotel costs us RM120. The room itself is ok but i find the toilet a bit dirty. Overall i would give it a 6/10. After refreshed up a little, we went out to explore Kuta by feet. Actually its a bit tiring to walk to Kuta Beach from Bali Sorgawi although its only a 20mins walk as i seldom exercise :p

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cute tsumo diver along Jalan Legian

After around 20 mins walk, we finally arrived at the famous Kuta beach.

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Actually there is nothing much in Kuta beach...only naked womens...the sand was soft..and the wave is much higher as compared to those in Malaysia.

After Kuta beach we continued walking around Kuta area, saw so many branded shops such as Polo, QuickSilver, Paul Smith etc...

Wanna know what happened next ? STAYED TUNE people.....!!!

*to be continued*

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