13 August 2007

Heaven N Feel Bali~

Im backkk........back from Bali........Bali is so niceeeee.....fell in love with Bali already.....

Well, since i haven't got the time to sort out that 1000 pics, i will just use words to satisfy your curiosity first! haha...

Things i learn about Bali:

1. A driver in Bali only earns about average RM300 a month
2. Balinese is used to seeing naked woman! So many of them on Kuta Beach haha
3. The monkeys in Uluwatu is like human beings! They can hold a mineral water and drink it just like us!
4. Balinese pray a lot, which explains why they have so many PURAs...which means temple in Indonesian
5. Balinese woman lose their viginity at an average age of 12 yrs old! Thats early :p
6. They eat so much Pork! Its a pork heaven there..
7. Balinese thinks that Malaysians are rich... ahem..not me i think
8. They love hibuscus!
9. Balinese are generally honest. all four drivers i met there are so nice!
10. Each family have their small temples beside or behind their house. Of course the richer family would have a bigger temples.

Pls bear with me..here are some photos of the pretty flowers in Bali..the other photos will follow shortly..:P

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