31 December 2009

Finally, I have gotten my Miu Miu!

I have been wanting a Miu Miu wallet and a Miu Miu handbag for ages!!!

Finally gotten it from Hong Kong last week!


adorable n sweet packaging ! definitely can attract the ladies’ attention!


I am so loving my wallet! Started using it 2 days ago…love it to bits~


Happy ME!


My Miu Miu handbag! Specially request for a box for it and the box is so GLAM! Remember to ask for a box if you buy any goods from a branded store, they should be happy to give it to you!


There she is!Miu Miu Vitello Lux in Fumo. The colour is actually lighter than shown in the picture above.

I am going to bring it out tomorrow for the first time!

Mom and Daddy are here and going to bring them for dinner, watch movie and countdown at Esplanade tomorrow!

Hope it will be fun!!!

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!!

May 2010 be a smooth sailing year for everyone!


23 December 2009

Merry Christmas 2009!!!


huge christmas tree in front of Ion Orchard, who can miss that?


Another pretty Christmas tree in Bugis Junction!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Wishing you guys in advanced first, just in case I don’t have time to update this blog during Christmas period as I will be in HK!!!

Just a short break but feeling excited about it, still!

Have a good Xmas, party hard and have loads of FUNNN!

08 December 2009

Yokoso Japan Day 5- Last day in Hokkaido!

Today is our final day in Hokkaido and it is also a shopping day!

We went to Tanuki-koji Shopping Arcade  狸小路 to pick up souvenirs and stuff.



I just love these decorations! So Japanese!


狸猫!also known as leopard cat, which part of it looks like leopard I also don’t know!



so colourful and vibrant, this charming street is not to be missed if you are in Sapporo!


adorable sis doing her thing! The chinese words actually means Hilton, but of course this restaurant does not belong to the Hilton Group la..


Pachinko, one of the Japanese’s favourite past time. Took some risk in taking this picture ok as the guards were around the shop! You guys must appreciate my effort k?


miss my long hair again!


Happy mom and happy bro!

After some street shopping, we were brought to the Rera outlet mall near Chitose airport!



got this coach bag from the outlet mall, regretted it because it wasn’t so cheap, costs about S$500+, could have gotten it cheaper from US i think.

Anyway, after this post, TOKYO!!!!!! the exciting capital of Japan and also the world’s MOST EXPENSIVE CITY!


01 December 2009

Hooray !!!I am on Cloud 9 right now!!!

YESSSSSSSSSS I passed the Bar Exam!!!

Gosh, I feel so blessed, all the hard work for one month really paid off!

Finally I can proved myself to the rest! Although I didn’t attend the course at NUS, I still managed to pass everything, I should be proud of myself right?!

Yeah, enough about that…I have to update soon!

With my Japan entries and also, Yogyakarta entries!

Went there for few days, it was a nice trip!


Picture taken at Tasik Telaga Warna, Dieng Plateau, Yogyarkarta, Indonesia

will try to update maybe tomorrow hehe……….

Have fun peeps!

23 November 2009

Yokoso Japan Day 4 Part 2- Ishiya White Chocolate Lover Factory

The infamous White Chocolate Lover Factory in Hokkaido!

This place does not look like a factory at all! Its an amusement park! Trust me!!!

As you walk in, there is a even a rose garden!

beautiful roses!


We had so much fun with the bubbles even before we started the tour of the factory!


beautiful landscape, thought I was in Europe!

Time to get into the factory!


the staff there wears cute uniform!


There you go! Their Star Products!


I bought a box of it! It was realll yummy…finished it already!


The other types of chocolate I bought, I prefer these! so damn good!

After visiting the chocolate factory, we went to the Sapporo Beer Festival!!! YAY!



Japanese kids in their yukata!




pretty Japanese girl!


Love their yukata and their hairstyles!


We had Suntory Beer!


IMG_1870 IMG_1873

Love the beer~


and CUTE GUY!actually he knows that I am taking his photo, yet he smiled for the camera! :P

Looking forward to this Friday!


16 November 2009

Food Post - Of Oysters and Crabs!

Oysters Buffet introduced by my housemate at Oscar’s Restaurant, Conrad Hotel! To celebrate my exam is over, we went there for a feast!

The Oysters there are realllyyy FRESH!!!

I always have stomach discomfort after eating Oysters, even from 5star hotels, but I am totally fine after eating the oysters at Oscar’s! There are 10 types of Oysters offered in Oscar’s , from France, Australia, Canada, Ireland and Scotland etc


The Oysters here are only opened upon request~freshness guaranteed!




I Love Scotland the MOST, it was creamy and huge!!! Not a fan of French, as they were all too salty!


Forgot the name of this seafood, it tasted good with wasabi and soy sauce, the Japanese style!


More pic of the oysters!


The Caesar salad there is a must try too!


The dessert were delectable too!


Although I am not a chocolate lover, I did enjoy these chocolate balls!


Other desserts I tried..

I also love their pasta! It was plain and simple but simply to my liking!


Our wine of the Night – Pinot Blance from Leon Beyer. I absolutely love it!

The Buffet costs about S$60 per person and if you have a UOB card, every 1 adult in 4 dines free.

For more information you can visit their website.

The next day, I had seafood again!This time at Jumbo, National Stadium.

Finally I had a chance to taste Jumbo’s chili crab, verdict is that I prefers chili crab from No Sign Board. No Signboard one has stronger chili taste perhaps? Just individual preference I think.



drunken prawn, It was so-so for me!


Sesame fried tofu, again it was just alright. Somehow I feel Jumbo is a bit over-rated! Let me know if you think otherwise?


Thanks to my lovely girlfriends who came to celebrate with me!

I think its time to stop eating seafood for a while! that is until next month!

I will be going to Hong Kong for Xmas………..and I think I should save up all my calories to have those tasty Hong Kong food!!!

Have a nice week ahead!!!