08 December 2009

Yokoso Japan Day 5- Last day in Hokkaido!

Today is our final day in Hokkaido and it is also a shopping day!

We went to Tanuki-koji Shopping Arcade  狸小路 to pick up souvenirs and stuff.



I just love these decorations! So Japanese!


狸猫!also known as leopard cat, which part of it looks like leopard I also don’t know!



so colourful and vibrant, this charming street is not to be missed if you are in Sapporo!


adorable sis doing her thing! The chinese words actually means Hilton, but of course this restaurant does not belong to the Hilton Group la..


Pachinko, one of the Japanese’s favourite past time. Took some risk in taking this picture ok as the guards were around the shop! You guys must appreciate my effort k?


miss my long hair again!


Happy mom and happy bro!

After some street shopping, we were brought to the Rera outlet mall near Chitose airport!



got this coach bag from the outlet mall, regretted it because it wasn’t so cheap, costs about S$500+, could have gotten it cheaper from US i think.

Anyway, after this post, TOKYO!!!!!! the exciting capital of Japan and also the world’s MOST EXPENSIVE CITY!


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