25 March 2011

Beautiful Japan

Dear all, really sorry for the lack of updates!

Main reason was because everytime i am writing a new post, my laptop will shut down on me!

Anyway, I was travelling a lot for the last quarter of 2010! Every trip was amazing and left me sweet memories.

Unfortunately, Japan experienced terrible 9.0 magnitude earthquake on 11th March 2011. The damages done to Japan was huge and lost of countless lives really shocked the whole world.

That’s why I thought I shall share with everyone the pictures from my trip to Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo during Dec 2010.

Lets hope that Japan will recover from this natural disaster soon! GAMBATTE!


landmark of Osaka, the running Man of Glico


reflection of autumn in the mirror of a building, Osaka


Amazing autumn foliage at Hanatour (light up) event in Kyoto


historical shrine in Kyoto


三十三间道shrine , Kyoto


Kiyomuzudera Temple, Kyoto


Spotted a true Geisha walking on the street of Kyoto


breath taking autumn foliage in Ryoanji shrine, Kyoto


Kinkakuji temple, Kyoto

In a way, I am grateful that I am able to explore Japan before the major earthquake happened!

I wish all the problems in Japan will be resolved soon and the world will still have a chance to experience beautiful Japan!