17 May 2009

Asian Civilisation Museum Singapore- Kangxi Emperor Exhibition

Went to ACM last weekend for this special exhibition.

The Kangxi Emperor is considered one of the most successful emperor in the China history.


The whole place is full of Kangxi's posters..

Entrance costs S$8 per person, if you have American Express card, entrance would be one for one! S$8 is very well spent indeed for a lazy afternoon. If you are interested in China history, this is an exhibition that you can't missed~!


Did you know that Dragon is made up of bodyparts of these animals?

Civilisation of Asia countries are defined by these little things..

Guan Gong

CC, Penny and I in the tea room

the girls in the tea room

Before stepping into the Kangxi Gallery..

No photos are allowed in the Kangxi Gallery...but...for the benefits of my friends reading this blog, I secretly took some photos! ENJOY!

Kangxi's armour, his potraits and his clothing (from L to R)

Some tools Kangxi used for astrological purposes. He was very interested in Western cultures.Kangxi was also the first Chinese Emperor to have played a western instrument, the piano. Surprised?

I would recommend everyone to pay ACM a visit and catch this special exhibition before it ends. Do check out timing of their free guided tours before going. We missed that. Who knows I might go again?


12 May 2009

Gardens Cafe in One Utama

Been wanting to go to this place for the longest time after seeing the other bloggers' review on this place. As I was back for the labour day long weekend, I have requested for Maddy to go there with me.

entrance of the place

loads of flowers display near the entrance, it really lighten up my mood already!

beautiful white roses near our table

I ordered water melon juice. It's very refreshing! Doesn't seem that they have added too much sugar, its just nice for my taste.

Maddy's orange juice and we also ordered a plate of caeser salad to share.

Maddy and I..I love the ambience there...very relaxing...feels like picnic time!

Maddy and I camwhoring again before leaving...

me again!

I think this is a good place to catch up with friends. Not sure about other food as the salad we ordered was so-so only. If you are tired from shopping at One Utama, I suggest you to pop by Garden Cafe for some "Fresh" air!!!:)

06 May 2009

Mom’s birthday celebration at D’ Italiane, Jaya 33

At first, we were thinking of going to NeroVivo, but already gone there for a few times so it’s time for a change!

Long weekend back home in KL has been so great, full with activities including meeting up with my favourite babes from SLB!

However, the main purpose of me going back home, of course, was to celebrate Mom’s birthday with her!!!

Before going back, I went to get her a little something from all of us siblings.

IMG_0079 IMG_0080 IMG_0081 IMG_0082

Destinee Diamond Pendant from Lee Hwa Jewellery, the services there are top notch I must say!!!

Anyway, back to the celebration dinner.


simple decorations


display on the table


Mom and I


My drink – green apple, cucumber and mint ice blended! This is really good and refreshing!

IMG_0111 IMG_0112

The appetizer, one mushroom soup and pumpkin soup. Both tasted good although the pumpkin soup is better I must say.


Sicilian Seafood Pizza- the crust is fragrant, so thin that it can be eaten on its own and the cheese smells great too!


Scallop linguine – scallops are fresh but its a bit too oily and pepperish for me, someone else likes it tho.


Seafood Ravioli – The portion is quite generous! Tasted good!


Birthday cake is the green tea red bean cake from Bread Story. The first time I tasted this! This is real delicious! Totally a perfect combination!



Happy family, two missing in the UK tho


We hope that mom will always be healthy and happy!

Happy Birthday again, Mom!


02 May 2009

A singer that can sing exactly like song play from the CD - Leona Lewis

It's a lazy saturday morning...had two Krispy Kreme for breakfast today, SINFUL. Somehow I feel that the Krispy Kreme here is not as tasty as those that I had in Melbourne! Weird huh...

...and I have been watching live singing of Leona Lewis.

I think her looks are so exotic, sexy yet sometimes too masculine tho her body is definitely HOT! What do you think?

It's so hard to find a singer like her these days...even those popular singer can't sing as well as her in live...

See the video below and you would know what I mean.Enjoy!