06 May 2009

Mom’s birthday celebration at D’ Italiane, Jaya 33

At first, we were thinking of going to NeroVivo, but already gone there for a few times so it’s time for a change!

Long weekend back home in KL has been so great, full with activities including meeting up with my favourite babes from SLB!

However, the main purpose of me going back home, of course, was to celebrate Mom’s birthday with her!!!

Before going back, I went to get her a little something from all of us siblings.

IMG_0079 IMG_0080 IMG_0081 IMG_0082

Destinee Diamond Pendant from Lee Hwa Jewellery, the services there are top notch I must say!!!

Anyway, back to the celebration dinner.


simple decorations


display on the table


Mom and I


My drink – green apple, cucumber and mint ice blended! This is really good and refreshing!

IMG_0111 IMG_0112

The appetizer, one mushroom soup and pumpkin soup. Both tasted good although the pumpkin soup is better I must say.


Sicilian Seafood Pizza- the crust is fragrant, so thin that it can be eaten on its own and the cheese smells great too!


Scallop linguine – scallops are fresh but its a bit too oily and pepperish for me, someone else likes it tho.


Seafood Ravioli – The portion is quite generous! Tasted good!


Birthday cake is the green tea red bean cake from Bread Story. The first time I tasted this! This is real delicious! Totally a perfect combination!



Happy family, two missing in the UK tho


We hope that mom will always be healthy and happy!

Happy Birthday again, Mom!



tiffany said...

gal,how much is the pendant,tell me secretly, hehe.. cos i am thinking of getting one for my mum

maddy said...

Hey babe, there's a new chain to the Nero line, called Nero Fico. It's at Jln Dungun, near Skrine. Wanted to try but it was fully booked. A friend of mine says it's good. Something to consider.