29 December 2007

No more perfect eyesight...SOB SOB

i am always proud that i have the perfect eyesight. No hassle of wearing spec or contact lenses!

BUT NOW? see what happened.........

sigh me in my newly made spec

Guess i just need to accept my faith from now on...

Oh Christmas pics coming up soon...!

20 December 2007

Chrstmas Decoration - Battle of the M@LL

Pavillion -Theme: White Christmas!

Its pretty nice but a bit dull though when you only see white colour decoration all over the mall...

Berjaya Times Square -Theme: I have the biggest Christmas Tree?

Nice giant Christmas Tree and pretty candy house, thats about it!

Midvalley- Theme: The Fairy World

full of the orange fairy world plants!

Cute mushrooms!

Loving the decorations of Mid valley! They never disappointed me...

Last Friday, we had our firms Christmas dinner at Finnegans, Jalan Sultan Ismail.

Will be in Singapore for Christmas! Soooo looking forward to that!
Will upload pics after i come back yeah......


16 December 2007

STarbucks Wannabe?

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a cafe in Hangzhou.

Food & More Food...

Last week it was all about F.O.O.D!

First up, Kampachi @ Equatorial Hotel, lunch on Saturday- My first time there!

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Teppanyaki Seafood
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very fresh Sashimi

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traditional Japanese Bento set
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Sashimi set lunch
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Maddy and i

We wanted to go for the buffet lunch but it is table top buffet and there are limited choices on the buffet menu (no unagi, no salmon sashimi). It costs RM75 per person and we decided that it is definitely not worth it. The set lunch was quite nice, especially the Sashimi, very fresh and tasty!

Next up, Tony Romas @ Pavillion -my first time there too!
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nice ambience
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Salmon Ceasar Salad - taste the same as those at Chilie's or TGIF

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BBQ half chicken- highly recommended but non-beef eaters like me..the meats are so tender !

Opps i am hungry after writing this post!...what's for dinner?!

09 December 2007

Validity of a relationship

My friend told me...

When a girl and a boy is in a relationship for a duration of time, the girl would expect more and more from the relationship and give in more and more. However, the guy would be, on the other hand, giving less and less.

Is this really how a guy behave once they are in a relationship for a duration of time (lets say more than 6 months?)...

I am thinking over and over, shouldn't it be the case that both of the girl and the boy be more in love with each other and more committed to make the relationship works?

Sometimes i think love is trouble.......

Does it mean the more passionate you are, the more hurt you will get when something bad happens?

It is depressing to think about all these....as i thought simply because that two person is fated only they would be brought together by the cupid...

or am i simply thinking too much? Is there a deadline for relationship just like any canned food? That it can't be consumed once the deadline is up? How do we keep it going?

I think i got to stop thinking and let the truth lead me to the right way.....

07 December 2007


Sorry guys for lack of updates lately.

Well, its 6.30pm on Friday and i am still in the office, so i figure that its time for me to update this blog of mine.

Last weekend i went back to Batu Pahat to visit my grandma although i could have gone to watch Whitney Huston or S.H.E (VIP ticket somemore), as i figure that grandma is still my priority! I wouldn't want to have regrets in my life........ Luckily she is healthy again! but grandma lost some weight...poor grandma....

I also meet up with my friend, sweet Tiffany. Haven't seen her in two years and she still look as adorable as ever!!! As usual, we have so much to talk about!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

then i was also surrounded by adorable kids!

Its so nice to be a kid....don't you all think so?

life without worries.....carefree........

I think should go back to bp more often! hehe...