07 December 2007


Sorry guys for lack of updates lately.

Well, its 6.30pm on Friday and i am still in the office, so i figure that its time for me to update this blog of mine.

Last weekend i went back to Batu Pahat to visit my grandma although i could have gone to watch Whitney Huston or S.H.E (VIP ticket somemore), as i figure that grandma is still my priority! I wouldn't want to have regrets in my life........ Luckily she is healthy again! but grandma lost some weight...poor grandma....

I also meet up with my friend, sweet Tiffany. Haven't seen her in two years and she still look as adorable as ever!!! As usual, we have so much to talk about!

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then i was also surrounded by adorable kids!

Its so nice to be a kid....don't you all think so?

life without worries.....carefree........

I think should go back to bp more often! hehe...

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