01 December 2009

Hooray !!!I am on Cloud 9 right now!!!

YESSSSSSSSSS I passed the Bar Exam!!!

Gosh, I feel so blessed, all the hard work for one month really paid off!

Finally I can proved myself to the rest! Although I didn’t attend the course at NUS, I still managed to pass everything, I should be proud of myself right?!

Yeah, enough about that…I have to update soon!

With my Japan entries and also, Yogyakarta entries!

Went there for few days, it was a nice trip!


Picture taken at Tasik Telaga Warna, Dieng Plateau, Yogyarkarta, Indonesia

will try to update maybe tomorrow hehe……….

Have fun peeps!


Anonymous said...


请吃.... waaaahahahaha

LS Kee

Anonymous said...

Congratulation for ur sucess....