16 November 2009

Food Post - Of Oysters and Crabs!

Oysters Buffet introduced by my housemate at Oscar’s Restaurant, Conrad Hotel! To celebrate my exam is over, we went there for a feast!

The Oysters there are realllyyy FRESH!!!

I always have stomach discomfort after eating Oysters, even from 5star hotels, but I am totally fine after eating the oysters at Oscar’s! There are 10 types of Oysters offered in Oscar’s , from France, Australia, Canada, Ireland and Scotland etc


The Oysters here are only opened upon request~freshness guaranteed!




I Love Scotland the MOST, it was creamy and huge!!! Not a fan of French, as they were all too salty!


Forgot the name of this seafood, it tasted good with wasabi and soy sauce, the Japanese style!


More pic of the oysters!


The Caesar salad there is a must try too!


The dessert were delectable too!


Although I am not a chocolate lover, I did enjoy these chocolate balls!


Other desserts I tried..

I also love their pasta! It was plain and simple but simply to my liking!


Our wine of the Night – Pinot Blance from Leon Beyer. I absolutely love it!

The Buffet costs about S$60 per person and if you have a UOB card, every 1 adult in 4 dines free.

For more information you can visit their website.

The next day, I had seafood again!This time at Jumbo, National Stadium.

Finally I had a chance to taste Jumbo’s chili crab, verdict is that I prefers chili crab from No Sign Board. No Signboard one has stronger chili taste perhaps? Just individual preference I think.



drunken prawn, It was so-so for me!


Sesame fried tofu, again it was just alright. Somehow I feel Jumbo is a bit over-rated! Let me know if you think otherwise?


Thanks to my lovely girlfriends who came to celebrate with me!

I think its time to stop eating seafood for a while! that is until next month!

I will be going to Hong Kong for Xmas………..and I think I should save up all my calories to have those tasty Hong Kong food!!!

Have a nice week ahead!!!


Anonymous said...

I like post like this... food... yummy yummy yummy...!!!

That oyster buffet is so attracting!

How's work?


My Profile said...

wow! really looks tasty!

kenwooi said...

but i dont like oysters =P


theeggyolks said...

the oysters look delicious and fresh! gulp~

Simon Seow said...

Ah, quite pricey for me who work in Malaysia lol

feeq said...

I heard from internet that the mini lobster orange color can make u get cancer...but don't know true or not

sheryl0202 said...

LS: Yes it was real good! Miss it now! work is alright la..same as before!

My Profile: yes they were real yummy!

kenwooi: Yeah not everyone likes it!

theeggyolks: hehe try some if you have the chance!

Simon: The price is roughly the same as those buffets in hotels in KL leh..

feeq: Wah don't scare me ok!Luckily I didnt have so much...