11 November 2009

Yokoso Japan Day 4 Part 1

My journey in Hokkaido, Japan continues…!

Today we were brought to Otaru, which is famous for the warehouses built along the canal, located in 25minutes from Sapporo. This place is one of the leading tourist destinations in Japan. I would say that its a unique, charming little town to be discovered on foot!





there are only very few vendors left nowadays


Otaru is a popular tourist destionation, even for Japanese themselves!


heading towards the Music box Museum, a must see in Otaru!


Love music box!!! There are so many types here!


aren’t these sushi music boxes adorable and yummy? haha..


and these are so elegant and pretty!!! After visiting the museum, its lunch time! Part of our food!

2009-07-24 002 Our dessert after lunch: ICE CREAM!!! It was real yummy and with so many flavours!

IMG_1758 IMG_1759

ICe cream is not enough for us! This is the famous cream puff in Otaru! Its nice but not super duper yummy to me!


Next up! More chocolates! the most famous ISHIYA, WHITE LOVER’s chocolates!

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calvin said...

These places seems so familiar to me.
I feel like I was there just a few days ago.
The canal, the grape farm, the lavender farms...