25 August 2007

Heaven N Feel in BaLi- Day 2 Part 2

ok ok since it is a Saturday and i am home..its time to upload the photos again!

Garuda Wisnu Kencana
This place is close to Uluwatu, so if you are heading to Uluwatu, you might as well drop by here if you have some time. However, i wasn't impressed with this cultural park at all. Its nothing more than huge statutes and when i said statutues i meant there is only two.

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First statute

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Second statute

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some pond before going up the first statue

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Uluwatu is a MUST GO ! The view at the cliff is breathtaking and fantastic! However, you need to beware of the Monkeys in Uluwatu, for they are so fierce that they will just snatch your stuff from you!

Before we went in, i specifically asked the tour guide what to bring and what not to bring. Tour guide informed me not to wear any sunglasses and to carry any food. So i asked him, how about mineral water? He actually told me its fine to carry the mineral water. I did...and Guess WHAT??? a stupid fat monkey jump onto me and snatched my mineral water! I was so shocked and scared that i screammm out so loud! I didn't know what the monkey wants, if i knew i swear that i will throw that bottle away!

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check out that fat ass enjoying my mineral water..drinking like a human!

After Uluwatu, we head straight to Sukawati market. The stuff there is really cheap! i didn't buy a lot though..save money for the upcoming expenses!

Sukawati Market
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things on sale in Sukawati

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the wood crocodile looks so real!

After Sukawati, we started our journey to Ubud, our final destination. Finally time to rest! Exhausted...

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i need a lot of time to blog about UBUD, simply because it is such an awesome place!!!

*to be continued* keep reading!!!

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