24 May 2007

Random Post: Choices in Life

working 12 hours a day is no joke!

The bottomline is IS IT WORTH IT?

Me and my colleague is asking ourselves this question everyday.

Do we want to spend our whole life working this hard? or there is more to life than work?

I think everyone can choose what they want in life...but i am still undecided...What about you guys?

Isnt she gorgoues? The lead actress in Korean show, Goong.

Anyway, MY FAIR LADY was ok for me only. It was a bit draggy and maybe because i was too tired as well due to work..Went to Heritage Row thereafter..but the crowd and the songs they played in Mojo and Ivy wasn't too great..crap..another weekend wasted!Having said that, it was fun to hang out with Maddy and Andrea..We needed it actually..

Me and Maddy in Ivy

Thats all for now...this Saturday gotta help out with Bar Idol Competition!

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