21 February 2007

My Short CNY Break

As i am not taking any leave during CNY, i was only in Bp for two days..Short but i really enjoyed myself meeting up with all the old friends. CNY is the only time of the year i get to meet some of them actually..

Its now the 5th day of CNY already..not feeling v well at the moment..gotten the flu bugs! Shucks...Hope i can get well soon before Jerry comes back..he has gone back to Sabah to celebrate CNY with his family and friends..Missing him dearly..He will only be back next Tuesday!..There are moments i wish i can fast forward the time to next Tuesday :p This has been the longes time we have been apart ever since we got together..10 whole days~~~sort of like a challenge actually. This is why i hate long distance relationship! used to have one for three years, don't know how i stand it. I told myself i am not going to have long distance relationship again, no matter what!

Gotta rest now...update again soon~! Hope everyone grab as many ang pao as possible!!!

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