18 February 2007

My Valentine's

Sorry for the lack of update lately...problem with my computer haven't been solved yet!!! Argh...so i can only do moderate blogging..

Anyway..Valentine's Day is over! How did you guys celebrate it?

I had a very nice Valentine's Day with Jerry of course!

At around 11am, i received phone call from our receptionist, asking me to go up to 20th floor immediately! At first i thought might have been some documents delivered to me..however when i went there, there was a girl sitting near reception with a bouquet of TULIPS! O M G..actually never came across my mind that it would have been flowers for me! Somemore my favourite flower! Thanks to my sweet dear! I felt so loved!

Actually to be honest, before V day, i was thinking whether Jerry will give me flowers or not..I would PREFER to get it actually hahaha..i don't know how i would feel if i haven't receive any flowers from him, em i am definitely not those type of girlfriend who think it's okay not to have any flowers from bf!!! Of course he doesn't have to give me a dozen of roses, for me i think at least one stalk of rose will do! SERIOUSly...hahaha..But he gave me 10stalks of Tulips...Aw....i was such a a happy girlfriend on that day...:p

For V day dinner, we went to The Attic in Bangsar. I haven't been there actually but when i was surfing online for V day dinner, i saw they have V day set dinner for couple. It was with a glass of champagne each, three course meal and there would be live performance by some famous singer apparently. It sounds good so i booked for it. The food wasn't that great but the atmosphere was really romantic. The singing was great! Will definitely go there again just to chill or something.

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