08 February 2007

Birthday Birthday Birthday: Part 2

As promised, here comes Part 2 of my birthday celebration~~~

Oh ya, if you guys are observant enough, you probably know that i got 3 cakes altogether for my birthday. If you missed it, no worries cos i am going to show you guys again he he he...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Tiramisu cake from Bread Story!Yummy..

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Cheesecake from Secret Recipe...v Yummy as well

Chocolate cake from Big Apple restaurant, Times Square Hotel..heavenly!

As for my birthday dinner, Jerry and i went to QBA at the Westin Hotel. It was such a romantic dinner and i love the ambience of the place very much even though i wouldn't say the food exceptionally yummy :p

After the dinner, its time for PARTY!

At first i wanted to celebrate my birthday at the new club in town ALoHa..but so many friends can't make it and after hearing stories about it, i have decided to change the venue to 7ate9 at Ascott Hotel. Although its a small group of us, it was a fun night out! Thanks for everyone who came that night! I feel so blessed to celebrate my birthday with you guys! Muacks..

I really enjoyed my birthday this year!!! Thanks for all the sms, emails and phone calls...Love ya all.....~

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leesh said...

Wah! You really put up that picture of me! =)