26 February 2009

Dim Sum @ Imperial Treasure Restaurant, Takashimaya

Been wanting to go this restaurant for dim sum ages ago after reading Simon’s post on it.

Brought mom there over the weekend as she loves dim sum too.

Result? We loved it! It’s so yummylicious!


Imperial Group, I suppose I can go visit their other restaurants as well


chicken feet, this is very good! marinated well


xiao long bao- I was a bit hesitant to order this but I was wrong, I think this is of the same standard as Ding Tai Feng if not better!


Steamed pork ribs, someone enjoyed this very much too!


This is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! The soup is so sweet and the beancurd roll tasted heavenly~


The char siew bao is not bad also!

The other item I would recommend is the 韮菜饺子, its some vegetable dumpling! I love it so much that I’ve forgotten to take a picture of it!!!

This restaurant would definitely be in my dim sum list, I shall return again to try some other stuff.

The total bills costs around 40 for the three of us.

Thanks Simon for the good recommendation!


Jill said...


nice to see dim sum.

I wasn't online last night and probably won't update my blog for a few days.

We were at the hospital last night, and this morning we watched his mother passed away.

I sent you an email.

e l d y said...

nice dimsum ... from look already look tasty liao ... wah if into the mouth ...