22 February 2009

What I’ve been doing…



Me folks are in town..! It’s so nice to have home cooked food again!

fried asparagus with mushroom, corn soup and fried lala! All my favourite dishes by Mom!

and.. I was busy with this!

downloading songs, uploading songs and listening to my Ipod!

Bought some new clothes too!


from a Korean shop in AMK, think around S$40, for work!


This dress is from The Choice @ Bangsar and the cardigan is from Springfield in the Gardens, the belt is from Sg Wang. Do you like it?

Got a belated birthday from Saw Hooi, its so pretty! Thanks babe!


Someone got a gift from me too!

Today I went to Bugis Junction and when I passed by J.Co Donuts, guess what I saw!


Introducing J.Co baby donuts!


comes in a pack of 24 for $10.50. So adorable!


cute no?

Have a nice Sunday peeps!!!



christyzee said...

very nice blog...and the baby d's are so adorable!

Kennedy Tan said...

J.Co baby donuts ???? WAh.. u are making me damn hungry now... so tempting!~yummy yummy.... xD

sheryl0202 said...

Thanks for visiting Christy!

Kennedy: It's very cute and you can finish it in one go haha!

maddy said...

Ooo I see u got him an LV too! Nice bluey dress.

Jill said...

waaaa!! those donuts look so yummy and so cheaps too!

I like your taste, your dresses are so nice, next time I go to singapore, u must take me for shopping ok?!

so good you can buy those office wear! i hope i get some job like that so i can start purchasing office wear too, haha!

next year I wanna apply PR and then try to apply a job with custom, so if u come to nz, so maybe we can chit chat at the counter... waahahahha!!

Tiffany said...

I have this ipod nano too, but a purple color one! =P