13 January 2007

Eye on Malaysia

Went to the Malaysian Eye (or Eye on Malaysia?) yesterday while waiting for friend's arrival from Singapore. It was quite nice actually, although it definitely cannot be compare with the London Eye. The wheel was turning at a faster pace than the London Eye, probably guess there is nothing much to see? :p Anyway we didn't go up as it was drizzling, doubt we can see anything if we go up there. It's RM15 per ride for half an hour. Will definitely go up the next time when it is clear sky. Not many tourists there though. mostly local taking pictures and couple taking a walk there.

Actually why can't Malaysia has something special instead of copying the London Eye? Are we Malaysian not creative enough to come out something of our own? How dissapointing! Pardon me, i am just in a fussy mood, complaining about things as usual! :p I think the tourism board is better off promoting our lovely islands and beaches we have or the national park instead of wasting money building something like this. Having said that, it's still nice to have something like that in KL, also an additional place for the lovebirds to go to.

There were fireworks on the night of launching this Eye on Malaysia. Too bad i wasn't there to witness it~ Nvm..i shall add some fireworks into this picture and imagine it myself!

Go and have a look when you guys are free..and decide whether its worth the taxpayer's money!

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