02 January 2007

New Years Eve Countdown @ the Curve

Supposed to join some friends at Zouk on New Years Eve but i wasn't feeling that great for clubbing so we went to the Curve to see fireworks instead. Wasn't that tough to find a parking, we parked at Tesco, and it is Free of Charge! :p Got there at around 8 after picking Maddy up. It was madness trying to get into a restaurant! Was queuing at this restaurant called Ton Chan and when its our turn, the waiter informed us that we still have to wait for 45 mins before we can get our food! So crappy...Then we went to the Hakka restaurant next door called Ying Ker or something and the food was good~!

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Christmas decoration at the Curve..nice one!

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me n sis..

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After dinner, we went to TGI Friday's for drinks while waiting for the countdown...It was really nice sitting at the Bar counter and have cocktails although it would be even nicer if those angmo beside us aren't smoking that much!

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When it is approaching 12 midnight.. we went to join the crowd and ready to see the beautiful fireworks!

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Let me show you how wonderful the fireworks are!!! They are so amazing! I Love it so much~!!!

After the amazing fireworks..we made a wrong decision--> that is to leave the Curve!!! sigh was stucked in the jam for 1 1/2 hours okay..~aih..but actually i still think its worth it :p maybe i am not the one driving thats why. hahaha so mean of me right...Although i didn't go to Zouk but i really had fun at the Curve as well..special thanks to Mr.Driver Muacks...he he..

Its YEAR 2007!!!

gosh...i hate this..getting older again! Sigh..Anyway i think i need to have some New Years Resolutions. My New Years Resolutions are:

1. Not to be scolded so much by my boss :p

2. Be Healthy and exercise more.. too much illness lately

3. Continue to be cheerful and always smile

4. Travel to at least two different countries

5. Get a Tag Heaur watch..although a bit impossible :p

6. spend more time with family and friends..

7. Fight against the wrinkles, even though i haven't got any, prevention is better than cure

8. Own another branded handbag. How can i convince people that i am not materialistic? haha..

9. Learn to dance!

10. Understand myself more!!!

Bye Bye Year 2006~!!!

P/S : Hope you guys like the new background cos this is going to stay for at least 6 months!!!

1 comment:

Rainy said...

so good lor,got Mr driver drives u around!! envy lar..hehe..

Abt ur new year resolution,as ur fren i think i can help a bit lar:)

R4-Travel to at least two
different countries
(come to visit me in Aus then we can go New Zealand-solve)

R5- spend more time with family
and friends
(dun worry, i'm going back in 25days, u can spend much time wif me)

R7- Fight against the wrinkles, even though i haven't got any, prevention is better than cure

(this juz wanna express my opinion)
(i juz think the author is juz trying to show-off that she dun have wrinkles)(while i have:(
p/s:we r same age(geram)

R9- Learn to dance! (i can teach u dance belly dance since my belly so big)

R10-Understand myself more( i will write a 3500 essay describe u,enough?)