31 December 2006

Baby Sis's Bday at M@ison

How's everyone doing? I have to confess, i have been partying too much these days...too much alcohol is doing me no good seriously..but what to do...its year end~!

As mentioned in the previous post, celebrated baby sis's bday at Maison, Asian Heritage Row. Basically i think that's the only club my sis and her friends would be able to get in as they are all 18 years old! Think Aloha, Zouk or Poppy would be out of the question!

I was practically dying the next day at work....what to do..have to go and look after my sis...It was so packed at the dance floor, but i did enjoy myself !It was Leesh birthday celebration as well..too bad the photos are with him..nevermind am sure you can see it in his blog later on..
On the night of 26-12-06, we went to Alexis @ Bangsar to countdown her birthday!

Then on Friday night i went to TSB Bangsar...photo with gorgeous Yu Min..one of the Chambees in my firm.

After these happening outings...i am down with sore throat and blocked nose...And there's still tonight! Still thinking about where to go for tonight's countdown...or should i go out at all? I think i would still go....can't stay home on New Years Eve, can i???~~~

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