21 January 2007

New Hairstyle 2007~!
After weeks of deciding whether to perm my hair and after 4.5 hours sitting in Centro, Sg Wang (My favourite Saloon) I PERMED MY HAIR.....!!!
Chiang Chiang Chiang...what do you guys think?
At first when i looked at it, i didn't really like it as i thought it is too curly, i only wanted wavy hair..but after hours of looking at it..i think its actually quite nice he he...My hairstylist Tama said that it has to be curly at first because after a while the curls will be gone easily!Centro's boss Kevin Woo has recently won the LOREAL colour Award, i have been visiting this saloon since few years back, recommended by my baby sis. However, i have never tried Kevin's skills, so far i only let Tama cut my hair, love the way he does his thing!~ Centro is located at 1st floor of Sg Wang Plaza. Today i even met a HK celebrity, don't know his name but he has recently acted in the Hotel Tycoon, as the second son that hotel biz family. SEE? Even HK celebrity go there to cut their hairs..haha...
Next up...have to colour my hair as well...gosh!!!! i have been spending so much this month buying CNY clothes and now on my precious hair as well! One good thing, salary is coming out in a week's time! :p HOPELESS ME~~~~*Faint*

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Rainy said...

nice hair gal!! i think i will visit that saloon as well !!hehe:)