15 June 2009

Fell in Love with Taiwan- Part 3

We had dinner at the hostel. after resting for a while and it was such an unforgettable dinner! The food in his picture may not look yummy to you guys cos it looked so plain but you are wrong! Each and every single plate of the dishes is so yummy and healthy! As老板娘call it, 养生菜也!we really can’t get enough of the vegetables especially the bamboo shoots!

Dinner at Hostel

After the dinner, the hostel boss arranged a very special activity for us at night time- fireflies watching!

We were very excited about it! Innocent us did not know that in order for us to get close with the fireflies, we actually had to walk in total darkness!

The road was muddy and slippery, however, luckily no one fell or slipped throughout our activity!

It was my FIRST watching fireflies!!!

Too bad there weren’t many fireflies on the night as it rained a bit during the day.

I was really excited when I started seeing the first one…second…third… I remembered Yoshi and I kept screaming and pointing the fireflies out for each other!

It was a really special experience for all of us. As it was too dark, there is no way for us to take picture but we did take a few!

Fireflies pic

Sorry that i looked weird as the flash is too bright for me to open my eyes! Jenny is holding the fireflies caught by the boss and the rest! Again, of course you can’t see because of the flash.

Fireflies pic-group

After happily taken the picture, the boss announced that the steps going back up the hostels would be 600 steps!!! GOSH….but no choice lah…really had to climb the steps in order to get back…

After we went back to the hostel, we played cards and drank taiwanese beer until around 12am, knowing very well that we had to wake up at 3am to go watch the infamous sunrise at Alishan!!!

I couldn’t sleep at all..maybe too excited after the fireflies and excited about watching the sunrise!

Very soon, we had to wake up and started our journey up to hill to watch sunrise! As we go up the hill, the weather becomes colder. I didn’t exactly wear enough but somehow I survived hehe! The drive was about 2.5 hours and I still couldn’t sleep in the van.

We stopped by the roadside to take photos of the beautiful scenery in front of our bare eyes!


Felt so close to heaven!


Gorgeous isn’t it?!


I was wearing Iquenna’s hat as it was really COLD! Thanks to sweet Iquenna for lending it to me!


Group picture – Iquenna taking it for us


Iquenna in the picture now! I think the guys’ head blocked the beautiful scenery but nvm the scenery is already engraved in my heart!

Soon enough, we got to the sunrise spot! and it was full of cars!

sunrise crowd

and those ppl already taken the good spot!

Luck is very important when it comes to watching the sunrise. If the sky is cloudy, then chances are you won’t be able to see the sunrise clearly. Lucky us the sky was only slightly cloudy on the day so we managed to see quite an amazing sunrise!

Everyone is waiting for the egg yolk to jump out!

I hope you can see the gradual change of colour of the sky through the pictures below…






sunrise finally

The wait was worth it, watching the sun popping out from the backdrop of mountain…赞!Shiok in english !

sunrise group

a priceless photo taken at D moment….I wish i can remove those ppl behind us tho haha


曲终人散----------everyone left after the sunrise….

After watching the sunrise, we are not done yet!

We still had to walk around the Yu Shan national park! To be honest, I was exhausted and zombie-ish at that point of time already. Didn’t take many pictures…

To be continued………..

stay tuned!

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