07 June 2009

Fell in Love with Taiwan- Part 2

Our journey to Alishan continues..


Next up, we were brought to the Everlasting Bridge by our driver.


Introduction to the Everlasting Bridge…

Us being the tourist!

After one hour +, we have reached our hostel at Alishan.


Our hostel is also a tea plantation and there is a factory processing the tea leaves. We paid NTD1800 for a night stay, transportation from Jia Yi to the hostel and food.


Meet the boss! He was very enthusiastic in explaining the whole tea production process! *YAWN*

Taiwan Trip May 091

See? Still going on….The process seems tedious and boss told us that it is much more time consuming than the tea in China. They do not export their tea as it is only enough for domestic consumption.

Taiwan Trip May 092

Competition of Manhood! The guys test their strength by carrying the 20-30kg tea bag!

180 181

oh Forgot to introduce our lunch, 铁路便当!The meat in red is pork meat, which I didn’t eat as I was still having flu then, otherwise, it tasted not bad. I like to eat taiwanese rice, its different from those in Spore and Malaysia.


After outdoor explanation, we get to taste the tea!

You can even try to 泡茶yourself!

The boss took us for a tour around the Alishan area which includes Fencihu, one of the rail stations along the Alishan Forrest Railway.


奮起湖 without 湖 ~~


As you can see, loads of tourists!

Taiwan Trip May 093

Taiwan Trip May 094

The environment is so serene and calm around Alishan area. It was a beautiful walk!


There are many stalls selling vegetables, fruits that they planted themselves.




bamboo shoots..these are yummy..crunchy and sweet if you cook it in the right way..

lovely flowers found in the area…

Next post will be on the amazing Alishan sunrise which we had to wake up at 3.30am for!

I have been resting at home for this weekend, even the Great Singapore Sales cannot get me out of my house. I suppose that’s because I have spent a lot in Taiwan + My leg & feet better rest after all the walking in Taiwan!

Hope my body + mind can recover soon for work! :)))

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Dave said...

wow the rice look so nice... is also very unique because of the way they pack it...