04 June 2009

Fell in Love with Taiwan – Part 1

Hi everyone, sorry for the lack for updates lately.

I just came back from a fantastic 6D5N trip in Taiwan and I was so busy and sick previously therefore I had no mood to blog whatsoever before my trip!

I was worry that I couldn't even pass the immigration in Taiwan as I was having flu and feeling feverish the day before I was supposed to go. Luckily everything turned out to be okay and I enjoyed myself very much in Taiwan!

This trip is also to visit my friend, Tania, who started working in Taiwan last Oct. It was a good chance to spend some time with her and seeing her settled down so well in Taiwan.

As it was Duan Wu Jie 端午节public holiday, she was able to spend some time with me and planned the trip for us to go Alishan together!

The Alishan trip is also the highlight to my Taiwan trip. So, the six of us, two Malaysians, one half Malaysian half Taiwanese, One Taiwanese, One Japanese and a South African Chinese went together! Although we are a multi-national group, it doesn't deter us to bond with each other pretty quickly from the starting of the trip! It’s just so amazing that people from different background would be able to click so easily!

Jia Yi Train Station-Group

First Group photo taken at Jia Yi High Speed Train Station…


First stop: Bei Men old train station in Jia Yi


You can take train from here to Alishan but we got the hostel boss to pick us up and drove us up Alishan.


Second Group Photo at the Bei Men Train Station

Expect loads of pictures ahead!!!

After visiting the train station, we were fetched to try out a local delicacy in Jia Yi- the chicken rice 鸡肉饭. Basically its chicken meat which has been torn plus the sauce on top of rice. Its kind of special as compared to the chicken rice in Singapore.

After the early breakfast, we continue our journey to Alishan.

AND..We had to ask the driver to stop when we saw THIS!!!


A sunflower field by the roadside! An amazing scene!!!

GOSH I was really excited and these lovely flowers light up my mood immediately!



The girls!

Yoshi with Sunflower

The guys- Yoshi with sunflower!

Charlton with sunflower

Charlton too!

AND next to this sunflower field…….there is a Lotus field!



Beautiful Pure Lotus.


The lotus leave can really hold water! We were playing with it! No wonder people use it to drink water last time..

This is the end of Part 1.

Stay tuned for Part 2~

Hope everyone have a nice weekend !!!!!!


Tiffany said...

because the leaf being hydrophobic in nature, thats why the water droplet won't disperse on it.. how cool right :))

glad to noe you enjoyed so much in ur trip!! the sunflower field is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Waaaahh!! I love that sunflower field!!
I forgot you got the trip to Taiwan!

My msn crashed that night, I received your message but I couldn't reply!!!

Sin ^^