16 June 2009

So You Think You Can Dance Season 5 is BACK!

O M G!

I really can't describe how excited I feel right now after watching Top 20 of Season 5 performed for the first time!!!


It's so amazing that I am going to throw up hahahahaa

AND THIS IS MY FAVOURITE PERFORMANCE....... with the song that I fell in love with ever since I first heard it on the radio!

Please watch it before Youtube removes it!

What do you think?

The dance reflects the lyrics of the song perfectly and it really brings out the suffering couples have to endure when they are in a fight!


Can't wait for the next episode!!!

But then again.....I think Joshua and Katie danced better last season in Jordin's "No Air".. miss watching them!

This is one of the performance that I really like from last season

The other unforgettable performance, which is also a hip hop routine, is this! Sabra and Dominique in Season 3!

I realised that I really love all the hip hop routines!

But then I think I am too old to be learning it already hehe..

Hope you guys like these videos too and start watching So You Think You Can Dance!

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