21 March 2007

Wan Chin and Chee Fong's Registration Ceremony 18-03-07

Went back to batu pahat over the weekend and attended Wan Chin and Chee Fong's registration ceremony. FINALLY, after 8.5 years of relationship, they tied the knot!!! We were all so excited and happy for them..afterall, Wan Chin is one of the first among our ji mui's to get married!!!

I hereby represent all our ji mui's in wishing the couple a lifelong relationship, to be forever in love and to have little Wan Chin or Chee Fong soon so that we can all become god moms!!!keke...

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Rainy said...

i wish i was there..but my heart was there lar..but i think all of us were very happy for them.. finally get married after so many years..i think i will cry if i was there. Anywhere, did someone cry???
i was thinking who will be next?
u and mr jerry?? or ah gan who try so hard to get the hand flower?
ah gan ‘心计重 ’wo..hehe:)