05 April 2007

All kinds of people in this world

I am so MAD....
today this stupid clerk from this stupid law firm in Klang slam the phone on me!!!
O M G...how can people be so rude...especially we are all in the same industry! I guess not same profession as he is only a C. L. E. R. K!
Come on..what i did was just to request from him politely a formal reply from his firm stating that they would like us to fair the agreement..and out of sudden he became aggressive and said :" If you want me to give me a reply, don't ever call me and talk to me on my phone again!"
WHAT THE F**K...opps sorry about my language :p
One of my colleague told me this, " you should tell him to get a law degree first before he even speak to you!" hahaha..damn funny...she is so right.. in the first place i don't think he is qualified to TALK TO ME lor..
Not to look down on clerks, our clerks are very helpful, but simply because you have twenty years more experienced than us junior lawyer does not give you the right to be so RUDE and to the point that slam down phone on people !!!
I SWEAR that i am not going to speak to him on the phone again! FINE everything shall be in BLACK and WHITE then...don't speak to me in the phone and ask me to fair the agreement for you! What do i get from doing your job for you???
ok ok cool down cool down..the moment i think of this i still get so mad! Really cannot expect what kind of people you will meet in everyday life!

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Pauline said...

Life is so frustrating sometimes. You feel bad that you have to vent your anger on that clerk. But you feel as bad if you kept that anger within, you'll implode. Hahah. It's life, a tough tough life.